Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tiffany Croft's blog, and others, investigated by Jax Sheriff's Department.

from the article:

"In an age of church shootings and other violence, he said, they simply wanted to determine if any of the events were related."

Hmmm, now why would First Baptist even assume people critical of their past cheerleading of Daryl Gilyard would want to shoot anyone? Besides, aren't they a big Second Amendment church? If they had their way, wouldn't we be packing heat on the way to the grocery store?

Paranoia reigns in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. Good thing I don't live there! They probably would have investigated me, also. Actually, they did and the best they could do was get me kicked off an internet forum. I know, I read the stats. LOL!

The best they can do is intimidate you.

Separation of church and state? Not in Jacksonville!

Article: Jacksonville Sheriff's office investigates bloggers critical of church child abuse cases.!

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