Sunday, April 19, 2009

'Adult' is and 'adult' does.

An open letter to the three students who got kicked out of Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida, for making an 'inappropriate' video:

Send me a copy! However, ONLY send me a copy if it's non-pornographic. I have no desire, or reason, to see anything that involves minors in sexually provocative positions. That would be illegal.

Considering this is Trinity, though, I'm well aware that what they consider pornographic can be anything from a picture of a woman in thongs to a John Steinbeck novel!

You read me correct: back in the 70's they were big on Jack Hyles who preached against pornography and included John Steinbeck in the mix. Plus, I remember a fellow being sent to the office for reading Voltaire's Candide. They found the picture on the book to be objectionable.

The police aren't releasing the details, and Trinity just calls the content 'inappropriate'.

What exactly is inappropriate?

If you feel you have been wronged, and that there is nothing pornographic about the content in your video, drop me a line at

Here is Trinity's statement:

Trinity's statement about expelling three students.

3 seniors were expelled on Tuesday for making an inappropriate video off campus that clearly violates the values of our Academy. The 3 students that were involved have been expelled. We regret the decisions of the students and although they are no longer enrolled in the school our church has a desire to help them Spiritually.

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