Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet me in Lancaster!

Drop by and say 'hi' if you happen to be in Lancaster, CA, where I'm screening my movie, Wrestling Then and Now, produced by Evan Ginzburg, associate producer of Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler.

There will also be a special screening of Arthur Cauty's Hard Knocks.

Antelope Valley City College, Lancaster, CA, November 7, 2009. 7:30 P.M.

Free Admission.

Click the image of the 'Great Mambo King' for more info:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cases related to Bob Gray and Trinity Christian Academy.

Bob Gray was arrested on charges of child molestation back in May of 2006. This blog has kept tabs of all the major developments in the trial; however, the fact that I am a graduate of Trinity Christian Academy's Class of 1980 (the school Gray founded), and a former member of Trinity Baptist Church (the church Gray once pastored), might have affected my objectivity a bit.

Maybe I'll write about that one day!

Thankfully, Christa Brown of was astute enough to create a page devoted to the major issues involved in the various cases against Trinity Baptist Church.

Conservative Babylon also gives a very thorough account of the Bob Gray saga.

Visit Baptist Scandals: Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville, Florida, or Rev. Bob Gray to bring yourself up to speed on this sad drama. However, keep visiting 'Christian School Confidential' for updates on the future trials.

Three are waiting.

Here are the complaints that have been filed, including those that have been tossed:

The Civil Trials against Trinity Baptist Church:

Download as PDF files:

All of these cases, except two, have been tossed. Jane Doe #2 and #3 appear to still be on the dock.

Jane Doe #1
Jane Doe #2
Jane Doe #3
Jane Doe #4.
Jane Doe #5.
Denise Green

Civil Cases Tossed
(from Duval County Clerk, if you wish to research).

NOTE: Dates refer to when they were posted on the Duval County Clerk's web page. They do not refer to when the decisions were made.

Jane Doe is tossed, 3/19/2008
Jane Doe appeals, and still tossed.
Jane Doe #4, 12/6/2007
Jane Doe #4 is tossed. The above document contains the lines:

The Court concludes that the Plantiff's claim "the Defendant's silence and/or inaction in the face of an affirmative duty to disclose their knowledge of Rev. Gray's sexual behavior constitutes fraudulent concealment. . . for purposes of deflecting the statue of limitations" is without merit.

Jane Doe #4, 1/25/2008
Jane Doe, #5, 10/26/2007
Jane Doe, #5, 12/17/2007
Jane Doe, #5, 1/11/2008
Denise Green, 4/28/2008

Other tidbits from the Duval County Clerk's Office

Trinity authorized to sell Bob Gray house on Allison Street.11/15/2006.

$222,000 property apparently transferred to Sylvia Gray for $10.00, 11/06/2007.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The most intelligent comment on the Marty Braemer affair! (plus, an announcement)

This post from Violet is from this thread where the FFFr's can't get enough of attacking each other.


"Do you, any of you, have any idea how much fodder we've already provided for several bloggers out there who have no agenda other than smearing the name of Jesus, and taking down as many Christians with Him as they can? Our words here for the past few days have been read, taken out of context (and sometimes not), polished and shined, and set up as trophies for the anti-Christians who want nothing more than for us to attack each other with as much bile as we can muster, so that they can be entertained, and so they can prove to themselves and their readership that Jesus is not part of any of our lives."

I have seen four blogs (including this one) covering this: Lavender Liberal, Hugh McBryde, and Bassenco's blong.

For the record, and I *might* be able to talk about this in further detail in a few weeks, I'm not setting up all Christians (even fundamentalists) for ridicule. Another major organization has stolen the garlands from the Southern Baptist Convention regarding covering up child predators, but that's another revelation that I'll have to keep under wraps for legal reasons until I'm free to do so.

The reason I'm giving space to the virtual riot going on at the FFF, is to demonstrate the 'blame the victim' mentality that is happening before our eyes. Some act as if it doesn't exist, so when it happens right before our eyes, it should be called out.

In a way though, I must thank Andrew for kicking me off! I'm kinda glad I'm not part of the mess over there. If I hadn't have been kicked off, I wouldn't have wound up making Don't Go In The Church, which paved the way for the successful press conference in Jacksonville, Florida last year. Sometimes getting kicked off a forum can be the best thing to happen to you,

Oh, lest I forget, it's official!

My movie, Wrestling Then and Now will be screened at the Antelope Valley City College theater in Lancaster, CA on November 7, 2009. Details to come.

Hmm, I wonder if I would even had time to put this movie together if I had been spending all my time on the FFF?

NOTE: I don't know keeps cutting off this poster. I'll have to work on this at a later time.

Visit to see the full poster.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the Marty threads have disappeared.

The threads that I referenced below have either been deleted, or simply hidden, at the FFF.

At least, you can still see some excerpts from the post below this one.

Here is the thread referencing the disappearance of the threads I have been quoting from:

By far, the best excerpts from the above thread are from 'best of life' and 'Calledout61':


I find it interesting that no one cried soap opera until, the "adulterer" came on and gave her side of the story! Very interesting.


PMB (Pastor Marty Braemer) was allowed to drag people through the mud without end, but he drags himself through the mud and the thread gets censored. Interesting.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BLAME THE VICTIM! Now playing at the FFF.

The 'other woman' in the Marty Braemer affair just posted her side of the story at the FFF. Now, everyone there is supportive of Marty, but when the woman comes on with her very real grief, they turn on her in the grand tradition of 'blaming the victim'.

Who started the affair? Does it even matter? Still, the real story is not Braemer, or the woman involved, but the 'blame the victim' mentality being demonstrated at the FFF. All the 'Christian love' is now being channelled toward sweeping this woman under the carpet. Through the miracle of the internet, we can see backyard gossip, and wonderful bible based character assassination, being played out in all it's glory.



from victim:

"It breaks my heart to see how easily you have convinced most people on here that your humility and penance is real, just as you convinced me that our relationship was orchestrated by God, when in fact, you betrayed my trust in your pastoral counsel and preyed upon my weakness and vulnerability."

from a variety of FFF'rs:

"You feel bitterness to him for ending the relationship so abruptly but accuse him of displaying false repentance because he "got caught"? You got caught too and your "repentance" seems just as contrived."

"My only criticism would be the bitterness and hatred that oozed from your post. Honestly, most of us could care less about either side. What could you hope to gain by posting here?"

"For a woman to blame a man that she has been unfaithful with for months is ludicrous. She is not a YOUNG woman nor was she naive. I don't care to know details. I don't even HAVE to know the details. Two people chose to broke the covenant in each of the marriages and the havoc and destruction that is left should be shared by both. Did Marty use his title to woo her? Who knows! Did she use her womanly charms to seduce him? Who knows?"

"I also find it hard to believe. If your life was shattered, would you seek out a forum of unknowns? Why should she care what any of US think?"

"I don't think you have much to gain from posting more, and I have a feeling you will have plenty of opportunity to get hurt if you stick around."

All of this is a FAR cry, from the supportive posts given for Marty Braemer, the fallen pastor:



"I've never met you personally but you seem very sincere at the present time and you have always seemed like a good man with a good heart...I am sorry that you made this grave error in judgement and hope that you and your family wil get through this without continued heatache."

"Extending our prayers and well wishes for all parties involved."

"I am very impressed with your forthrightness, something we see very little of in our day. I pray that God and men alike will help you through this time of restoration, and that God will be able to use you in some capacity for His glory in the future."

Friday, August 7, 2009

LIFE Magazine (Elvis/Bob Gray issue, 8/27/56) now being auctioned on Ebay!


LIFE Magazine, August 27, 1956 contains many vintage photographs and articles that will look good under a gallery's protective glass, or, if you have the talent for it, you can carefully remove some vintage pages and frame them for either display or re-sale.

Alas, this is a magazine that has been read and used. The original owners, probably from the 1956 era, treated it like any other magazine. The front and back cover has scribbling on it, probably from some bored kids drawing a spiderweb, or figuring out quick math problems. The majority of the magazine is in good condition, with small tears here and there, but nothing that objectionable.

Meaning: nothing torn straight down the middle to render pages useless. It's what you would expect from a typical American family who are not aware this issue is about to become an historical item.

It contains pictures of Elvis coming to Jacksonville, Florida, and the town is in an uproar! Bob Gray, the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, declares Elvis has reached a new low in spirituality. Other churches begin offering alternatives to the Elvis concerts.

There is also an article about Adlai Stevenson and the Democratic Party, which is declared a party of 'youth and unity', although I'm not seeing much youth on display! lol. Plus, a surprising photographic look at Devil's Tower, which will be made famous a decade and a half later as the spot where the Mother Ship landed in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

This magazine has suffered wears and tears over the years, but remains a piece of history.

Click here to bid.

George W. Dollar's 'THE FIGHT FOR FUNDAMENTALISM', written from the perspective of someone defending the historic movement called Fundamentalism. Includes a 'who's who', plus a list of 80's era bible colleges and where, George Dollar feels, they have either defended or departed from 'the faith'. 310 pages. Okay condition, still bound, but fragile.

Click here to bid.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


If you're interested in the following books, just visit my e-bay site and bid away! These are very rare books, so take advantage of it now before I have second thoughts and change my mind! lol.

More auctions to come. . .

Click here to visit individual auctions:

Fundamental Seduction analyzes the sermons of Jack Hyles, the now deceased pastor of First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana. At the time, it was known as the 'World's Largest Church'. He also gives us an account of serving in the church, and his growing suspicions that things were not right in the pastorate. Includes an interview with the ex-wife of Dave Hyles (the 'world's youngest youth pastor'), and an account of the death of Brent Stevens.

There are some photographs. This is the book, along with Vic Nischik's The Wizard of God, which started the movement for pastoral accountability within the independent fundamentalist Baptist movement. It is in okay condition, but you want to handle the book with gentleness and respect. The pages are certainly not falling out, but you can tell it has been read. Slight coffee stain on the outside of the pages, but nothing too objectionable quality wise. 485 pages

The Wizard of God - My life with Jack Hyles, by Victor Nischik. This account of a man who served under the ministry of Jack Hyles, the now deceased pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. First Baptist was once billed as 'the World's Largest Church'.

Victor suspects all is not well between his wife and Pastor Hyles. He discovers love letters, confronts the pastor, burns the love letters, then consents to a rather unusual living arrangement that threatens his health.This is the book, along with Voyle Glover's Fundamental Seduction, the Jack Hyles Case, which started the movement for pastoral accountability within the independent fundamentalist Baptist movement. This book is in very good condition. 145 pages.

Spring Break Missionaries - Growing Up in Christian America by, Dwayne Walker. Yes, I am the author and offering a rare copy of my book for sale. It was published in 1994 (self), and was a memoir about growing up in two fundamentalist Baptist churches during the years 1976-1980.

It includes life in a small North Florida church, then Trinity Baptist Church, pastored by the now deceased Bob Gray, in Jacksonville, Florida, and a stint at Bob Jones University in 1980. What makes this book notable is a mention, toward the end, concerning allegations that Bob Gray was guilty of molesting the daughter of a church member. It briefly mentions his leaving Trinity to serve as a missionary to Germany, but first he confesses to the congregation that he is guilty of something, but it is not 'immoral or sexual'.

Thirteen years after this book was published, Bob Gray was arrested on a return trip to Florida on multiple counts of molestation. He died before facing trial. Prior to his arrest, I noticed the value of this book rising to prices like $75. I couldn't figure out why the book would be worth so much, but after his arrest I realized what was going on. Somebody must have been mining this book for information! The price has since dropped to around $40 or so.

I'm starting off this auction at $5. I will personally autograph it for you. This book contains a forward by Austin Miles, author of Don't Call Me Brother. 148 pages.

Don't Call Me Brother, a Ringmaster's Escape from the Pentecostal Church by Austin Miles. Austin writes about his experiences with the circus and his association with the PTL Network, and the sordid things he witnessed. Published not long after Jim Bakker's 'fall from grace'. Austin Miles also wrote the forward to my book, Spring Break Missionaries', currently being auctioned. Published by Prometheus. 331 pages.

The LIfe and Legend of J. Frank Norris, the Fighting Parson by Dr. Homer G. RItchie. An excellent biography of J. Frank Norris by a man who actually knew and worked with him. I classified this as under 'western' history since Norris did grow up in the Wild West during the era when Dallas/Fort Worth crossed over into the modern age. He was actually a character in a pulp fiction western. That's one of the interesting tidbits you learn in this book which doesn't pull any punches.

You will read about Norris speculating, in public, about how it might be beneficial if one of his churches burned down, and then, it does! Surprisingly, Norris emerges from his trial for arson just as victoriously as he will eventually emerge from being found 'not guilty' of shooting unarmed D.E. Chipps four times. Norris also emerges from this book smelling like a rose! A slight tear on the front and back cover, but this book is in strong condition. Ready for another re-read! 323 pages.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I repent by Marty Braemer

The following post is from Marty Braemer.

from :

Psa 32:5 I acknowledged my sin unto thee, and mine iniquity have I not hid. I said, I will confess my transgressions unto the LORD; and thou forgavest the iniquity of my sin.

If you are you hoping for salacious details you will be sorely disappointed with this statement. I resigned the pastorate of the Fords Bush Bible Church on Sunday, July 26th following an admission to my wife on the previous Wednesday that I had violated our marriage vows and breached her trust. I sinned. I had a 9 month affair. No excuses. No details.

I have spent the better part of a week going to individuals privately to repent. This morning the repentance was done before the corporate body. I am so sorry and sickened in my heart to have failed my God, my wife, my children, my family, and the church families I pastored.

I am posting this here for three reasons:

1. To make known what I have done and to seek the forgiveness of those whom my careless words and judgmental attitudes only served to reveal my own hypocrisy. Chad, Bob, and James … I am sorry and I ask your forgiveness.

2. To stem the tide of some of the misinformation being reported as fact.

3. To magnify my God for His bounty of goodness despite my failings.

I have been blessed with a wife I do not deserve and four wonderful children. We have submitted ourselves to a council of pastors as we begin the healing and restoration process. We are in the process of relocating. I would appreciate your prayers for my children. The only place they have ever known is Fords Bush. They are leaving grandparents, friends, and the only life they have ever known.

My amazing wife has spent many hours this week reaching out and ministering to the other woman. It was part of her process in dealing with all of this. Some of you who feel the need to blog things might do well to remember that there are many lives, young and old, involved in this. Both families have extended family and immediate family within the church. I know, some of you want your pound of flesh because I have offended you. So be it. But take it, for whatever it is worth, from someone who knows firsthand what it is to jump on someone over a fall or a failure … we reap what we sow.

Mr. McBryde did not break a news story. I had already resigned and was in the repentance process before his blog published any of this. The church and the board already knew. There was no need to publish anyone’s name. Hugh has been waiting for his chance to pounce since he was removed from this forum. His pro views on polygamy and adult men engaging in intimate activity with under age girls is well known and documented. His motive is one of vengeance and not Christ centered discipline with the hope of restoration. God will deal with that in His own way just as He deals with all of us.

The main source of information to Hugh comes from the letter of a former member. His letter contains erroneous misinformation and outright lies. He lied about my wife in the letter as well as Brother Keever’s wife. He never once followed Matthew 18 in any of this. He has never confronted me. But he did hand deliver his epistle to my mother-in-law.

His account, as written on Hugh’s blog, of what transpired in my office is inaccurate at best. In the first place, he was not there, so what he wrote is hearsay. By the way, he was not a witness to anything he wrote. In the second place, the chairman of the board of deacons WAS there and gives a completely different account of what happened. As far as making a slip and using her name in the office … I had two secretaries whom I always referred to by name as well as all of the female staff members. Again, his motives are clearly seen as nothing more than spite and sour grapes.

Enough of that.

God has ministered to us in so many wonderful ways I do not know where to begin. My wife and I will be spending a week together. Brother Keever and the Fords Bush Faith Family have reached out and ministered to my kids and to us. We have been talking and praying together like never before.

My wife is supremely confident in this major move in our lives. For the first time I am out of my comfort zone and apprehensive and scared. Several years ago I sensed God wanting us to move but the fundamentalist position is not to move unless you have somewhere to go, so I stayed. I now believe that staying was disobedient. Abraham moved when he didn’t even know where he was going. God blessed him for that. My lack of trust in Him and reliance on me and my flesh has led me to a place where now I have no choice but to trust Him.

Thank you for the many PMs of prayers and support. I appreciated the phone calls from Stephen and Patebald. Marji and Riverwalker … you two have no idea how much you have ministered to me. Pate … my wife loooooved the video clip you sent. Joan of Arc, Jaded, and others … thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will close with a conversation I had with Pate via PM. When Christ gathered with His disciples for the last supper … He looked at Peter and said they would all meet in Galilee in so many days. He said this knowing that Peter would lie, deny, and curse he ever knew Him. Despite Peter’s coming failure … Christ said, “after We get through this We’ll meet for breakfast in Galilee.” Invited to come and dine.

That account has brought incredible comfort to me. Despite my failures and my sins … my Lord still desires to fellowship with me. I do not know what the future holds. I only know that I need to draw close to Him if I am ever going to be the husband and father I need to be.

This message approved by Mrs Braemer