Saturday, January 31, 2009

Anyone want to buy a TCA yearbook on Ebay?

Okay, I am NOT selling my yearbooks! Got that? So, these listings are not coming from me. I was tooling around in ebay and began entering names of my books, videos, etc, to see if anyone was selling them. Finally, I decided to enter 'Trinity Christian Academy' to see what came up.

Here are the yearbooks currently being sold:

TCA 1978 Yearbook.

Here's the description for 1978:

This item is a 1978 yearbook from TRINITY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY in Jacksonville, Florida. This book includes hundreds of vintage photographs and information, along with several autographs, signatures and notes from fellow students and faculty. I haven't looked at every photo, so you may see someone you know or even someone famous in the book. This book orignally belonged to a John L. Moyer and has his name written in gold on the front. This yearbook is in good condition for its age, with some minor wear. You will get the exact book pictured below. Please examine the pictures and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Uh, yeah! He's right! That famous person is not me. LOL! Although, I somehow made the list of 'famous Baptists':

Famous Baptists.

(Look for me below Eddie Murphy but above Ron Ormond. I feel so privileged!)

Okay, back to the yearbook. I'm not selling my yearbook because there is one person who made the national news (not Bob Gray!), but I haven't mentioned his name because I'm not sure if that's kosher or not. Remember, there are some graduates who do not even mention TCA on their resume.

This yearbook is notable for the zebra on the cover. Our symbol was a Conqueror, but the yearbook company screwed it up. The powers that be elected not to demand a refund, or new books, so that explains the zebra.

Zebra's are black and white though. And Trinity saw the world in terms of black and white. So, maybe it's appropriate?

The 1979 yearbook is up for auction: Click here to view this one.

Krusher Knopf, the professional wrestler, was in the 8th grade at TCA. Interesting, as I'm negotiating to release a wrestling documentary I made in 2002, but I have not released for various reasons.

We have my year---1980:

Click here for 1980.

Krusher Knopf, otherwise known as Ricky Knopf, is also in this one. Along with. . .uh, never mind. I can't bring myself to say it! Er, make that, 'write it'.

The colorful 1981 yearbook is up for grabs. Knopf is also in that one.

The 1977 and 1975 yearbooks are also up for auction.

The 1975 yearbook only includes kindergarten through the 5th grade.

1975 Junior Challenge.

Most are going for $79.90, except for 1977, which is going for $74.90.

I'm watching all these items to see if they sell. Will let you know.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feds step in on clergy child abuse case.

The feds have now begun an investigation into allegation of Cardinal Mahony's cover up of pedophile priests.

from Los Angeles Times, January 29, 2009:

Authorities are applying a legal theory in an apparently novel way. One federal law enforcement source said prosecutors are seeking to use a federal statute that makes it illegal to "scheme . . . to deprive another of the intangible right of honest services."

In this case, the victims would be parishioners who relied on Mahony and other church leaders to keep their children safe from predatory priests, the source said.

To gain a conviction on such a charge, prosecutors would have to prove that Mahony used the U.S. mail or some form of electronic communication in committing the alleged fraud, the source said.

Mahony is mystified.

If you saw the movie Deliver Us From Evil, you might recall that Pope Benedict was in charge of investigating pedophilia in the church, and was a target of investigation, but our last president, George W. Bush, granted him immunity from prosecution.

Wrenching documentary looks at a notorious priest and sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

Wonder if a change is in the air?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's in your garage?

Out with the old, in with the new! Updated daily!

What's currently up that might be of interest to readers of this blog:

Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan
The World According to Jack T. Chick by Robert Fowler (original version)
G.A. Riplinger Exposes Critics of KJV
more to come. . .

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Bob Gray/Trinity cases to date.

Bob Gray was arrested on charges of child molestation back in May of 2006. This blog has kept tabs of all the major developments in the trial; however, the fact that I am a graduate of Trinity Christian Academy's Class of 1980 (the school Gray founded), and a former member of Trinity Baptist Church (the church Gray once pastored), might have affected my objectivity a bit.

Maybe I'll write about that one day!

Thankfully, Christa Brown of was astute enough to create a page devoted to the major issues involved in the various cases against Trinity Baptist Church.

Visit Baptist Scandals: Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville, Florida to bring yourself up to speed on this sad drama. However, keep visiting 'Christian School Confidential' for updates on the future trials.

There were trials scheduled to have begun in October, but they have been delayed till 2009. The details are pretty murky. The media is not reporting, and those involved (both sides) have opted not to clue in the public as to the reason for this delay.

Here are the complaints that have been filed, including those that have been tossed:

The Civil Trials against Trinity Baptist Church:

Download as PDF files:

All of these cases, except two, have been tossed. Jane Doe #2 and #3 appear to still be on the dock.

Jane Doe #1
Jane Doe #2
Jane Doe #3
Jane Doe #4.
Jane Doe #5.
Denise Green

Civil Cases Tossed
(from Duval County Clerk, if you wish to research).

NOTE: Dates refer to when they were posted on the Duval County Clerk's web page. They do not refer to when the decisions were made.

Jane Doe is tossed, 3/19/2008
Jane Doe appeals, and still tossed.
Jane Doe #4, 12/6/2007
Jane Doe #4 is tossed. The above document contains the lines:

The Court concludes that the Plantiff's claim "the Defendant's silence and/or inaction in the face of an affirmative duty to disclose their knowledge of Rev. Gray's sexual behavior constitutes fraudulent concealment. . . for purposes of deflecting the statue of limitations" is without merit.

Jane Doe #4, 1/25/2008
Jane Doe, #5, 10/26/2007
Jane Doe, #5, 12/17/2007
Jane Doe, #5, 1/11/2008
Denise Green, 4/28/2008

Other tidbits from the Duval County Clerk's Office

Trinity authorized to sell Bob Gray house on Allison Street.11/15/2006.

$222,000 property apparently transferred to Sylvia Gray for $10.00, 11/06/2007.