Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adam Horowitz wins $590,000 for Native American woman.

Adam Horowitz, the attorney representing three victims in the upcoming civil trail against Trinity Baptist Church, has won a landmark judgement for an 18 year old girl who was molested by a military recruiter on a remote part of an Indian reservation in South Dakota.

This case is the first in the country to allow Native Americans to file suit against the United States following a sexual assault by a government employee.

It sought relief under Article I of the Fort Laramie Treaty of April 29, 1868 (the 1868 Treaty), which provides that if “bad men” among the whites commit “any wrong” upon the person or property of any Sioux, the United States will reimburse the injured person for the loss sustained.

The girl attended a Jesuit high school. The recruiter kept expressing interest in her. Asking her to movies and such. She declined. Eventually, he tried to kiss her while measuring her, and she pushed him away. Later, he appeared unannounced at her door and said they had to go for a mandatory measuring session. This involved driving to a desolate area where the assault took place.

Here is an earlier brief where you can get more details pertaining to this case:

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