Thursday, April 30, 2009

Memphis, Tennessee gives child molesting preachers a free pass.

You know, nothing the organized Humanist, Atheist, and Freethought movements can do to turn people from religion will ever equal what Christian pastors, and their good friends on the court, do to themselves by not raising one word about the indiscretions of their own.

The number of people declaring themselves non-religious has gone up. I do not believe it's because of books by Christopher Hitchens, or the work and lawsuits of groups like American Atheists. No, in this case, it's not the Atheists who have 'won', it's Christian pastors who have 'lost'. And lost royally by not expressing anger at stories like the one below.

This is not a weird case out of left field. Bob Gray, if you recall, also got a mild slap on a wrist by a judge who, although he threw the book at other molesters, treated popular preachers with another set of standards.

It's equally unfortunate his victims approved of this. Now, a whole new crop of victims will have to deal with Haney.

Pastor gets probation for molesting boy.

The message is, if you're inclined to be a child molester, go enroll at the nearest fundamentalist bible school and get credentialed to preach.

Excerpt: One case involved a male church member who testified at an earlier hearing that Haney enticed him into a sexual relationship in 2001, when he was 15, by telling him it was "God's plan" and that having sex with the pastor would enable him to do great things for God.

The teen said Haney told him having sex with him would be "a test of faith" for the teen, who added he was rewarded with paying jobs and other favors for his cooperation.

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