Sunday, April 19, 2009

TCA Seniors expelled for sex tape.

Article: Three TCA Seniors expelled for 'sex tape'.

This article reminds me of the first movie I ever made that addressed hypocrisy in fundamentalism. It was actually made in the boy's room of the elementary school at Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida. It was after I left Bob Jones University in 1980. My friend, at the time, helped me move a teacher's desk into the bathroom.

We were both concerned about the hypocrisy regarding how rules were enforced. It appeared those in the church families, deacons, real estate moguls, basic upper middle class, got a break. It didn't matter if they were caught smoking, mooning the opposing football team, or even spending too much 'quality time' with a teacher of the opposite sex.

But let someone NOT in one of the major church families break a rule, and out they went!

It was as if right and wrong didn't matter once you reached a certain economic curve.

It was a sewer!

Sooooo. . .taking my cue from 'sewer', it made sense to have a principal's office set in a bathroom.

My 'principal' got decked out in a coat and tie and sat behind the desk, with a line of urinals behind him.

I thought class was over for the day.

One by one, boys came in and we stopped rolling the Super 8 camera. Each one came out and said, "Two guys are in there making a movie!"

Naturally, the teachers didn't believe them at first, until more than one told the same tale.

Eventually, the teacher walked in, saw the unbelievable situation, and just cracked up laughing!

The other teacher, or assistant, came in, and found our set equally absurd.

Believe it or not, we screened this one shot 'epic' in front of a group of students and the kids properly ignored the movie.

The Sheriffs Department wouldn't return phone calls regarding these three students who made the 'adult' video? Gee, the Jax Sheriff's don't seem to mind doing grunt work for the churches in the area. They don't mind talking about all the other people they arrest on television, but let it be from church known for wrapping its arms around the cops, and silence is the rule.

First, a Jax police detective uncovers the identity of a blogger critical of First Baptist Church, while using taxpayer money to do that!

Now, even though they'll talk about every other crime scene they bust in the Arlington area, they'll keep mum on the contents of this video that's associated with Trinity Christian Academy.

Where's the outrage, Jax?

Is there actual sex involved?

Or, is it simply girls not wearing culottes?

Hey, this is Trinity we're talking about here!


Anonymous said...

I attend the school and the two students took turns taping each other gang bang thhe girl

Dwayne Walker said...

That sounds more like a threesome than a gang bang. Big difference.

Will there be charges brought against them? If they are under 18, I don't think they can be prosecuted. If one of them is over 18, he, or she, is up a creek without a paddle.

I do think the idea of prosecuting under 18 year olds for 'child pornography' is ridiculous. That should be saved only for adults videotaping minors. The easier it is to take pictures and videos with cell phones, though, the more this kind of stuff will happen.