Sunday, April 26, 2009

in addition to the FBC Lawsuit

Visit his link again and read the comments:

Moving to a New Phase.

I'm pleased and surprised that most of the posts are supportive of the blogger's upcoming legal fight with First Baptist.

When Bob Gray (Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville) was arrested, I spoke with a man in the media who told me that he believed Gray received a 'head's up' before the arrest went down. Many believe that when Gray was arrested, he was actually in the process of leaving the country because of this tip.

Well, I have good reason to believe that the warning probably came from someone within the JSO, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, and/or one of the media outlets. I was expecting Mr. Media to do a full blown expose about who actually gave Gray a 'head's up', but that never happened.

The blogger behind the upcoming FBC legal dilemma is about more than just his identity being unmasked. It's about the abuse of power that occurs when mega churches utilize their members, who happen to have positions of influence in government (and possibly, media) for either political influence or the cover up of crimes.

If First Baptist is smart, they will want to settle with the blogger.

Let's encourage this man NOT to settle.

The implications of his case are staggering.

NOTE: Although he is suing the City of Jax, and not FBC, it wouldn't surprise me if the city wanted to settle. Of course, the city will not want to settle until they're through with all their chest thumping and laughing about the lawsuit. Once they realize this is serious, they'll want to settle. Let's support this blogger so he does not feel tempted to settle.

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