Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Baptist Church of Jax to be hit with a lawsuit!

NOTE: Actually, the blogger is suing the City of Jacksonville for disclosing his name to First Baptist.

Holy Toledo! Pop some popcorn and wait for the entertainment to begin. I'm so glad this blogger decided to fight back:

Article: Moving to a New Phase.

Separation of church and state was a phrase fundamentalists threw at their congregations back in the 70's. They stopped using that phrase toward the end of the 90's. Now, they seem hell bent on getting that phrase thrown out of the public lexicon.

Doesn't it just blur the church/state boundaries when institutions like First Baptist are able to utilize members, who have positions of influence within government, to do their bidding?


I am committed to using all legal means necessary to find the truth, and then prevent these types of things happening again in Duval County and elsewhere. Government officials involving themselves in the affairs of a church matter under the pretext of a criminal investigation, for the purpose of identifying and exposing an anonymous dissenter to a large, powerful, religious institution is completely wrong, and unacceptable.

I have retained the services of the J. Scott Nooney law firm in Jacksonville, Florida in the forthcoming lawsuit for the issues mentioned above. With the aid of this law firm, I fully intend to find the truth, and to hold those accountable for any wrongdoing in that process, and to effect necessary change such that it won't happen again.

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