Saturday, April 17, 2010

THE ADVOCATE by Teresa Burrell

Sabre Orin Brown does not have a sexy job. She is a Juvenile Court attorney who has the unthankful job of deciding whether children should be reunited with their parents. If the parents have been wrongfully accused, and she makes the right decision, she is regarded as a hero. If she makes the wrong decision, the results can be fatal and the public outcry can be enormous. If she keeps a child and parent apart, even for the right reason, the parent can become vindictive.

The Advocate, the debut novel by former lawyer, Teresa Burrell, gives a rare insight into the world of a trial attorney. How cases are doled out to the lawyers, with little, or no control, over who their client will be. Sometimes they find themselves representing the most odious people. They must have the inner belief that the prosecution will be working just as hard to convict, as the defense will be when it comes to challenging the accusations.

An overworked, and underfunded system, on both sides, makes idealism rather difficult.

Sabre is given the case of Alexis Murdock, whose father, Gaylord Murdock, comes from a highly esteemed family in Atlanta, Georgia.

The book takes place in San Diego, California, which is interesting considering there's a corrupt cop in the picture. Considering the problems we have been having with police corruption out here in Southern California, I have to wonder if making her corrupt cop over a thousand miles away was a tactical move on Burrell's part?

It is well noted in the book that if a fellow cop accuses another of corruption, that cop will probably become ostracized from his peers if the charges don't pan out. It doesn't seem uncommon for retribution to be sought after against the whistleblower.

This is not an activist novel, though. It is a story of close calls, mistaken identities, and plot twists that, on the surface, seem to come out of nowhere. I have no doubt, though, that Burrell is writing from personal experience. This makes the novel all the more intriguing.

If you're in Southern California, you might find Teresa Burrell signing autographs at various book outlets. If you're elsewhere in the country, and want to get a glance at what life for a Juvenile Attorney must be like, I highly recommend this book.

Click here to order your copy of The Advocate.

Visit Teresa Burrell's website.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goliath wins.

I love how Rex keeps using the phrase 'child molesters not welcome'.

What he really means is child molesters not welcome unless they have short hair, wear ties, carry bibles, and operate church bus routes!


There were reports of poll workers wearing 'vote Rex' t-shirts while working on the job. Others reported people coming up to them reminding 'em to 'vote right', before flashing Rex's image in the form of a t-shirt, etc. Lancaster Baptist College students (West Coast Baptist College) were seen popping in every hour to check the voter index. Will there be investigations?

We'll keep you posted.

Various lamentations from the facebook page:

Melody Clark Unfortunately, there seem to be that many stupid/blind/sociopathic people in Lancaster. Since agnostics, atheists, pagans, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists (and anyone else I'm leaving out) are no longer citizens in Lancaster, I suggest we all move and show him what happens to his tax base. We're not going to retire here as we'd planned. Not with this bully in office.
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Andrew Nieto Get this: the polls closed at 8:00. We at QHHS finished up and left at 9:30. I showed up at Rodio's election night party at 10:30 to find it already done and over with. I went directly from there to Rex's party at the new, not-yet-opened restaurant on Lancaster Boulevard to find it was INVITATION ONLY! Then I went directly over to city hall to find it was already closed and locked up.
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Jon White fixed!
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Get Parris Out of Lancaster. Lancaster wakes up tomorrow, to be spied on, to have it's dogs killed, it's children and poor to be treated like criminals, it's people to be ruled by SOMEONE else's church, it's taxes given to multi millionaires, it's law enforcement to be used as a personl army, and it's private businesses shut down for a photo op!
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Mike Burdett screw this, here i come palmdale!
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Get Parris Out of Lancaster. We guess it's a matter of getting the kind of government the people deserve!
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Kristin Sanders does this mean we lost?
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Debbie Holland Makes me very glad I live in Pearblossom instead.
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Matthew Keltner this makes me want to throw up!
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Mike Burdett is there gonna be a recount and an investigation on this?
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Jon White I feel betterthat I live in Palmdale, though it's still to close to Landisatser. If more (Lancaster) residents voted they could make a major change...over 100,000 residents and only a small hand full get their ass out and vote. I guess they enjoy living in bullshit, lies and dictatorship type leadership. Truthfully our plan is to leave the AV all ...
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Kathryn Sanders Yes, Kristin the citizens of Lancaster who know better lost.

I am glad that I live in Palmdale, but Rex has influence here too. Whatever he does in Lancaster affects everyone living in this valley.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

David vs Goliath! April 13th in Lancaster, CA!

This is the most exciting election that I've looked forward to!

No matter how it turns out, it has certainly energized the citizens of Lancaster, CA.

My hat is off to you!

Too bad I can't vote in it! I'll just have to 'watch', via the internet, from the OC border.

Sobering thoughts:

"~ FROM 2008 - 2009 ~
*Lancaster 93534 sex offenders rised from 102 to 120. that's 18% according to the megan's law website. *Also the FBI uniform crime report shows a 300% increase in homicides. *25% more crime than Palmdale, *and a twice the amount of rapes and arson. *Palmdale 93550 adopted sex offender residency restrictions. they went from 100 - 89.

from: Get Parris Out of Lancaster.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brave Catholics Begin to Flood the Pews of Baptist Churches!

Article: Letter SHOWS Pope Benedict stalled Child Molestation case.



I tried to post this comment at You Tube, but it kept coming up in error. They don't like links, so I edited my comment. Here's the whole comment, reproduced here:

uh, the Catholics would do well to view this site before joining any Baptist church:

However, Landover Baptist is probably the safest place for your child, provided he, or she, is over the age of 21!

All that aside, this is a great time for me to gratuitously pull out the FIRST video that ever graced the internet which featured the famed Landover Baptist Church in Freehold, Iowa. Certainly, it's one of my prouder moments since I videotaped and edited it:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sex Predators in Lancaster.

Hmmm, this isn't an example of the 'Christian Community' Rex Parris bragged he was growing in Lancaster?

Click the image for the 'big picture'.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

fundamental panicky propaganda

Leave it to Lancaster Baptist Church to stoke the flames of paranoia! To make bad manners on their part, and poor choices by their mayor, and transform it into so-called persecution.

Here's another video to watch where Rex declared war against sex offenders. After watching this, look at the videos below this post. Notice the rate of sex predators has gone up since Rex, who is associated with LBC, became mayor. Most fundamentalist megachurches have been very soft when it comes to dealing with sex predators within their midst.

Rex switched agendas and made war against gangs his top priority. His chief accomplishment? Killing more than 1000 pit bulls in what has been described as a 'dog holocaust'.

All that Islam stuff is just propaganda.

For more info, visit: Get Parris Out of Lancaster.

Things are getting exciting in Lancaster, CA!

I don't know whose gonna win, but every day closer to April 13th seems to bring new excitement.

Today, we have a YouTube and a link to a PR firm.

First, the You Tube:

The church in question is the independent fundamentalist Baptist establishment, Lancaster Baptist Church. The college of my former church, Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, is responsible for bestowing an honorary degree on LBC pastor, Paul Chappell. It's interesting that the number of sexual predators in Lancasters is up while the amount of sexual predators in nearby Palmdale decreased.

Click the video to be taken to its YouTube page. That way, you can see the entire image.

Second, this link to a P.R. firm that handled the campaign of Rex Parris. I find it interesting that part of their strategy included 'an army of college student volunteers knocking on doors'. Gee, think they came from Antelope Valley City College? Or. . .from the LBC sponsored West Coast Baptist College? My money's on WCBC!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Citizens of Lancaster taking back their city from Fundamentalist Rule!

This morning, campaign in the form of 'precinct walking' began at McDonalds, in Lancaster, CA. Considering how the FFF mentions that West Coast Baptist College banned Starbucks, at one time, I have to wonder if McDonalds might be next ! lol.

Here's a youtube taken this morning at McDonalds:

Here is a video of the mayoral candidate, Arnold Rodio, talking about sex offenders in Lancaster and the disappointment that current mayor, Rex Parris, who stated he is growing a 'Christian community', hasn't done much about it.

Rex Parris is a good friend of Lancaster Baptist pastor, Paul Chappell. The fact that he may, or may not, be a member of this fundamental Baptist institution, is irrelevant. What is relevant is the careless attitude both church, and Parris supporters, have toward this issue and how it spilled over into the community at large.

Christian School balloting to play role in Lancaster, CA election?

At Trinity Christian Academy in Jax, Fl, it was a common practice for students to write letters to congressmen concerning various bills that would tax the schools. Those who did not want to write the letters could do an assignment from the textbook that would involve a long essay. All voluntary of course!

Considering the letter was pre-written for students on the board, what do you think most Christian high schoolers would do?

I thought of that while reading this blog posted by Matt Keitner at, which I reproduced below. His blog was deleted at one page. I don't think it will be deleted at blogav, but just to err on the safe side, I will publish his blog here as a community service.

You might be interested in some of the replies to his post. The infamous Fighting Fundamentalist Forum is referenced in one of the replies. I can't seem to post an exact link to the blog, so if you want to read the replies, here's what you have to do:

Go to
Click 'The Antelope Valley Political Scene'.
Then, click 'Rumor: Did Parris & Chappell stuff the ballot box?'

Note to citizens of Lancaster, CA:

Don't underestimate the power of Lancaster Baptist, and its various schools, to overpower the election. It wouldn't surprise me if that institution didn't follow in the footsteps of TCA and engage in creative forms of electioneering. There is a relationship between TCA and LBC when you consider TCA is part of the same ministry, Trinity Baptist College, that deferred an honorary degree on Paul Chappell. Keep an eye out for funny business!

Matt's Post:

Rumor: Did Parris & Chappell stuff the ballot box?
by Matt_Keltner » April 1st, 2010, 9:19 pm

(Note: the following is a post that I put up in my blog section of that was promptly deleted, not even a full 24 hours later. I posed it as a question in a public forum. It is a question that I would ask Rex and Paul to their faces had I been able to attend a campaign meeting or debate. I posted it hoping that someone could clarify if this rumor was indeed true, or simply a rumor?)

RUMOR: Parris & Chappell stuffing the ballot boxes?

It was brought to my attention, from someone I would call a relatively reliable source, that (someone in authority in Lancaster city government) and (someone in authority) at Lancaster Baptist Church have been “stuffing ballot boxes” with absentee ballots ahead of the city election.

The absentee ballots in question were supposedly filled out by the college students at West Coast Baptist College — 200 or so, to be exact.

What is scandalous about this is that it is also being reported that many of the so-called West Coast Baptist “students” named in these absentee ballots have matriculated on to other places and can’t even be considered residents of Lancaster any longer.

Is this verifiable? Can the County of Los Angeles Registrars Office investigate and confirm this? Or someone else in a position of authority over elections? If this turns out to be true, it is sleazy at best. At worst, election tampering is a federal offence and (someone in authority in Lancaster city government) and (someone in authority at Lancaster Baptist Church) should both be brought in front of a federal magistrate if they did, indeed, resort to these tactics?

(Just before this was deleted, someone under the moniker of "AV Observer" threatened that I would be taken to court and sued by both Rex Parris and Paul Chappell for "defaming Rex's pastor". Since Paul Chappell was named "Citizen of the Year" by the city of Lancaster, he is viewed as a leading official in the so-called "War on Gangs" and his sermons are broadcast weekly via radio, I believe this qualifies him as a public figurehead and revokes him from immunity to criticism, just as Pope Benedict is not immune to public criticism regarding the ongoing scandals in the Catholic Church. Since we live in Lancaster and it happens to be election season, one way to stifle a legitimate question would be to threaten legal reprise for such an inquiry...However, apparently they didn't count on me consulting an attorney who notified me that if they, in any way, come after me, I will cross-complain against them in court for malicious prosecution and violating my First Amendment rights and they will be forced to pay my attorney fees. )