Friday, May 29, 2009

Jacksonville, a most unhappy city.

Yes, it's official. Jacksonville, Florida, made the top 10 unhappiest cities in the nation. It's number 6, right between Cleveland and Las Vegas, but nobody can beat Portland!

View: Jacksonville, Florida. 6th Most Unhappiest City in the Nation.

from the article:

America's top 10 unhappiest cities
By BusinessWeek

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kevin Roose talks about the Liberty University Democrats.

Kevin Roose, the fellow who snuck into Liberty University as a student to write the book The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University, wrote his response to Liberty banning the Democratic Club.

I'm surprised that in some ways Liberty seems to be getting more intolerant like BJU was back in the seventies. The interesting thing is BJU is actually changing, partly out of financial necessity. Over the years, I've noted how a Shakespearean play used music from the Roaring Twenties. Not unusual for any other college except, of course, the 'world's most unusual university' (as BJU liked to call themselves).

BJU has since stopped calling themselves the 'world's most unusual university'.

BJU has even done the unthinkable.

Actually admitted they were wrong!

Check this out from their webpage:

For almost two centuries American Christianity, including BJU in its early stages, was characterized by the segregationist ethos of American culture. Consequently, for far too long, we allowed institutional policies regarding race to be shaped more directly by that ethos than by the principles and precepts of the Scriptures. We conformed to the culture rather than provide a clear Christian counterpoint to it.

In so doing, we failed to accurately represent the Lord and to fulfill the commandment to love others as ourselves. For these failures we are profoundly sorry. Though no known antagonism toward minorities or expressions of racism on a personal level have ever been tolerated on our campus, we allowed institutional policies to remain in place that were racially hurtful.

from: Bob Jones University's statement on Race.

Wow! If I had written that, as a student at BJU back in the 70's, and turned it in, I would have been shipped! BJU's word for 'expelled'.

It seems the biggest sin in the fundamentalist world is criticizing the policies of their leaders. That is, until the leaders admit they are wrong. However, always remember, it took a lawsuit just to get them to this point! Very seldom to corporate leaders, and pastors, ever decide to reverse official policy simply because 'it's wrong'.

Also, check it out! The president of BJU has a goatee!

That would have been a big 'no! no!' back in the day.

Stephen Jones welcomes you to BJU.

This might seem rather silly to point out, except when I remember the early days of this blog. I encouraged every Trinity Christian Academy alumni I knew to go to the Fighting Fundamentalist Forum. Well, one of the discussions concerned whether Trinity still allowed for movie going. Back when I graduated, it was forbidden to go to movies, even if the movie was family oriented.

What do you think the answer was?

a.) Yes, we used to preach that it's wrong. But in light of videotapes and DVDs, we've changed our minds and now allow for movie going, as long as it's a family oriented movie.

b) What is your problem? Are you still living in the seventies?

If you guessed 'b', you're right. Not one person admitted that Trinity unofficially changed their minds regarding attending motion picture theaters.

They have, of course. I know this from talking with current, and former, members. But the official brains behind that organization don't seem to want to openly admit that at one time they were wrong about something.

Tell me, what do you call it when you used to go 'one way', then realized it was wrong, or unprofitable, and decided to 'turn' and do things 'another way'.

Hmmmm. . .can anyone say 'repent'?

Yes, that is the dictionary definition of repentance. It has nothing to do with religion, per se. Just a turning of the way, and admitting it.

So, now we have BJU changing, in my mind, for the better, but Liberty, under the leadership of the Falwell sons, rolling back their standards to the BJU seventies.


Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. offered to reinstate the club, providing it aligns itself with a pro-life, anti-gay Democratic group, and not the Democratic Party in general. (Which is kind of like saying that you'll allow penguins at your zoo, but not the black-and-white kind that waddle.)

BJU would have expelled you for engaging in demonstrations. Liberty goes a step further:

Liberty stifles free speech by censoring its student newspaper, refusing to give tenure to its faculty, and suppressing students who wish to speak out. (This last point is particularly troubling - there's actually a rule in Liberty's student handbook that mandates 12 reprimands and a $50 fine for any student found guilty of "participation in an unauthorized petition or demonstration.")

Even teachers at Liberty are afraid to reveal their true views:

A few days ago, I got an e-mail from a longtime Liberty professor who confessed that he'd voted for President Obama last fall, and told me that due to the "the dictatorial atmosphere" at Liberty, he could lose his job if anyone discovered his secret.

It's truly amazing how organizations change and flip flop over the years.

Republicans used to be seen as business whizs, and now they're looked upon like careless frat boys who, after inheriting their parent's (or the nation's) $, spent it on parties and hijinx, thus destroying their fortunes and spiraling the nation into debt and doom.

Democrats, especially the conservative ones, are now seen as people who have a firmer grasp on the realities of business and finances.

Liberty used to be considered the 'liberal' place for fundamentalists. You could hear Ted Kennedy speak. Jerry Falwell even hosted a forum to address violence against gays. Mel White, Falwell's former speechwriter who came out as gay, helped him organize this.

Bob Jones University would never have invited Ted Kennedy or hosted a forum addressing violence against gays.

I don't know that BJU would do that today, but Stephen Jones, and Bob Jones III, have brought more credibility to BJU by admitting the policies from their past were wrong.

article: Liberty University Democrats: Why They Were Silenced, And What It Means.

Bob Jones University's official web page.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Liberty University shoots itself in the foot.

Remember when Jerry Falwell invited Ted Kennedy to speak at Liberty University? That was actually smart of him. He was able to build constituencies on both sides. This might be the reason why Obama, and other Democrats, became supportive of faith based education.

Hard to believe I'm calling Jerry Falwell 'the softie', but obviously the current administration does not see the need to keep its toes in both parties. Too bad for them, since the nature of politics is always in flux. It always helps to have allies on both sides of the aisle. Plus, it helps counter the stereotype that the Republican party speaks for all evangelical Christians.

There are Atheists who happen to be Republican, they're just ticked off by the religious right dominating their party. Their numbers might be growing.

There are also fundamentalist Christians upset by the corruption in the Republican party. They don't want the party to take them for granted. Some of them have become conservative Democrats. Their numbers might also be growing.

Jerry brought Liberty two steps forward, but now his sons are taking it two, maybe three, steps backwards.

Good work! I salute you.

Article: Jerry Falwell's school bans College Democrats.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Darrell Gilyard pleads guilty. Doubtful the drama is over!

Now, here's my question:

If you have followed this blog, you have noticed a tendency of pastors to plead guilty and then have the charges dropped against them.

Why? Who knows! Because they are pastors?

Check out this story about Chester Mulligan, for instance:

Former E.C. pastor sentenced for stalking, sex charges dropped.

Here's what happened in the case of 'Chester the Molester' (no apologies to Larry Flynt publications for borrowing the name of one of their former cartoons):

Court records allege Mulligan first tried to have intercourse with the girl in his house in East Chicago. He stopped when she said it hurt, prosecutors said. But throughout the next two years, according to court records, he had sex with her several times at his house, the church office and baptistry, prosecutors alleged.

Guess what? Charges dropped!

Now, will that happen in the Darrell Gilyard case? Nobody wants to bring up the subject of race, but if I were his defense lawyer, I'd certainly give it a shot. There are just too many cases of white pastors molesting children, pleading guilty, then getting a slap on the wrist. We now have Darrell Gilyard, an African American, who might get three years thrown at him in Jacksonville.

If you read some of the comments peppered throughout the Florida Times Union articles on racial matters, you'll see that city is tilted in favor of a so-called white majority. At least, people with racist tendencies seem to be the main ones posting comments under the more controversial articles.

If Gilyard gets the book thrown at him, I think he might have a good case to appeal because of this discrepancy in sentencing regarding white pastors who plead guilty verses African American pastors who plead guilty of the same offense.

Uh, how many are there, by the way?


Former Shiloh Pastor Pleads Guilty to Molesting Teen.
Ex-Pastor Pleads Guilty To Sex Charges.
Former Jacksonville pastor pleads guilty in sex case.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cases related to Bob Gray and Trinity Christian Academy.

Bob Gray was arrested on charges of child molestation back in May of 2006. This blog has kept tabs of all the major developments in the trial; however, the fact that I am a graduate of Trinity Christian Academy's Class of 1980 (the school Gray founded), and a former member of Trinity Baptist Church (the church Gray once pastored), might have affected my objectivity a bit.

Maybe I'll write about that one day!

Thankfully, Christa Brown of was astute enough to create a page devoted to the major issues involved in the various cases against Trinity Baptist Church.

Conservative Babylon also gives a very thorough account of the Bob Gray saga.

Visit Baptist Scandals: Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville, Florida, or Rev. Bob Gray to bring yourself up to speed on this sad drama. However, keep visiting 'Christian School Confidential' for updates on the future trials.

Three are waiting.

Here are the complaints that have been filed, including those that have been tossed:

The Civil Trials against Trinity Baptist Church:

Download as PDF files:

All of these cases, except two, have been tossed. Jane Doe #2 and #3 appear to still be on the dock.

Jane Doe #1
Jane Doe #2
Jane Doe #3
Jane Doe #4.
Jane Doe #5.
Denise Green

Civil Cases Tossed
(from Duval County Clerk, if you wish to research).

NOTE: Dates refer to when they were posted on the Duval County Clerk's web page. They do not refer to when the decisions were made.

Jane Doe is tossed, 3/19/2008
Jane Doe appeals, and still tossed.
Jane Doe #4, 12/6/2007
Jane Doe #4 is tossed. The above document contains the lines:

The Court concludes that the Plantiff's claim "the Defendant's silence and/or inaction in the face of an affirmative duty to disclose their knowledge of Rev. Gray's sexual behavior constitutes fraudulent concealment. . . for purposes of deflecting the statue of limitations" is without merit.

Jane Doe #4, 1/25/2008
Jane Doe, #5, 10/26/2007
Jane Doe, #5, 12/17/2007
Jane Doe, #5, 1/11/2008
Denise Green, 4/28/2008

Other tidbits from the Duval County Clerk's Office

Trinity authorized to sell Bob Gray house on Allison Street.11/15/2006.

$222,000 property apparently transferred to Sylvia Gray for $10.00, 11/06/2007.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Christian School Student, Superstar!

Tyler Frost, the former Christian School student who was expelled for taking his girlfriend to a prom, is now an internet sensation!

I know, I know!

It's the old argument:

"He knew the rules were in the book. He signed them. And then he broke them."

There's a teensy-weensy problem with this argument. Can anyone, who is honest, tell me what it is?

Okay, I'll give you a clue:

Hypocrisy and Fear..


Show me a Christian school principal who says he objectively follows the rules set down by his Christian school and I'll show you a liar. Yeah, 10 times out of 10, most Christian school pastors, and principals, bend the rules big time for children of deacons, those whose financial support to the church/school complex cannot be lost, and, of course, anyone who can claim that either a teacher, pastor, or worker, molested them.


Fear of being exposed as a hypocrite might lead a principal to expel a student whose parents are not financially well off. Expelling such a student will take the heat off the principal since, more likely than not, he has already been accused of selectively enforcing the rules.

This would be a good time to talk about my enrolling at Bob Jones University.

I called them and asked for a copy of their rule book. They were afraid to send it to me. The fellow on the phone told me I might not understand rules and refuse to give them any money. . .KIDDING!

He was afraid I might not enroll in the unversity.

Same thing!

Even Humanists have taken the side of BJU whenever I tell this story. The comments I get are, "Well, even without the rule book, you knew what kind of college it was, right?"

My answer, "If I wanted to believe in stereotypes and rumors, I would. But if they're an open, and honest, university, they shouldn't be afraid to say, 'this is where we stand, here are our rules, if you have any questions, call or don't enroll.' At the time, I believed the B.S.!"

They did not want to take a chance that some tuition money would not find its way to their coffers. Now, do you think that after driving hundreds of miles to Greenville, I'm going to look at the book and go, "Dang! No movie going? That's it, turn this car back!"

No, of course not.

Yes, I knew movie going was against the rules before I even went to the university. What I doubted was the idea that conversations between individuals would be tightly controlled and monitored. It reached the point where I couldn't have a normal conversation with anybody without thinking the KGB was lurking around every corner.

It was like they wanted to entrap, or con, future students into thinking the stereotypes weren't true, when in fact, they were.

Things allegedly have changed at Bob Jones, except for the silent treatments they give the media and people who ask questions about their lifestyle.

It's now my experience with most Christian schools, and institutions, that they are afraid to give honest answers regarding practically everything! I don't care if they're fundamentalists, pseudo-fundies, Southern Baptists, or even good ole' Calvary Chapel! Except for questions about their beliefs, of course, most will dodge practically every question about their standards and lifestyle practices.

People who dodge questions, more likely than not, dodge because they know they're making it up as they go along. Other people would call them 'liars'. That rug would never get pulled from under them if they weren't ashamed of their hidden secrets.

I can just picture Tyler reading the rules, wondering if he's going to sign them, then hearing about some pastor's son, or daughter, breaking the rules and staying in the school.

It's the same old story.

I'm glad to hear there's a lawsuit against this particular school. All he needs to do is show how selectively the rules are enforced, and, if there's anyone at that school who molested or abused anyone (and what are the odds of that?), he might have a winning chance.

Article: Suspended for dancing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tom Brad Bennett - 3rd Trinity teacher with a felony?

This is really sad. I painted this man in heroic terms during the early days of this blog. While everybody's innocent until proven guilty, what happens when they deny something is the truth, then later, after prodding, admit it?

Bob Gray, at first, denied there was any truth to the accusations against him, before, little by little, admitting to certain aspects of the accusations. Specifically, the french kissing of minors since that was a misdemeanor during the seventies, but today is a federal offense. He admitted to that. He apologized to victims. Messer apologized to victims for him, and on behalf of the church. But, when it came time for a 'guilty/not guilty', Gray elected for a 'not guilty' and Messer and friends elected to stay silent.

Now, Tom Bennett denied there was ever an investigation against him. Then, when the news reporter showed up with evidence, here's what happened:

Detectives interviewed Bennett extensively, but he denied the investigation ever happened.

"I'm telling you point blank that that never happened," said Bennett.

However when Eyewitness News reporter Steve Barrett showed him the investigation documents, his response was different.

"Evidently if she has an account of it, if she wrote it in there, it must be true," Bennett said.

The article further alleges:

The teacher and former principal pleaded guilty to felony stalking, extortion and witness tampering.

from Man Continues To Teach Amid Sex Allegations..

If true, this makes Tom Bennett the third teacher from Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville, Florida) to plead guilty to a felony.

When I think about my days at Trinity, I'm reminded of how we were taught to lie in the little things. Yes, I mean that as literally as you could take it. Taught to lie.

Consider the following advice I received at a soul winning clinic:

"If you're soul winning, and you come to a door that says 'no soliciting', knock anyway! We're not soliciting. Soliciting means you're selling. We're not selling anything!"

If a cop, or management, asked us if we were soliciting, we'd deny it even though we were obviously breaking the spirit of the law.

I think that's a normal thing for liars, or the truthfully challenged. They will spend hours going over the literal definition of words so they can gloss over their hypocrisy by not following the definition of words as the public perceives those definitions.

When Bob Gray said he was a guilty of a sin that was neither 'sexual nor immoral', he might have been telling the truth, from his point of view. Maybe he convinced himself that children have not grown to become full blown sexual beings, ergo, it's not sexual! If it's not sexual, it must not be immoral.

Strange logic, I know, but I have had conversations with Trinity Baptist College students that confound reason.

One interesting spin, not just from TBC students, but others who have graduated from fundamentalist schools, is the contention that it's impossible to rape your wife. She 'vowed' to obey you in all things at the altar. If you have sex with her, and she doesn't want it, too bad! She consented to doing anything you wanted when she took the vow!!!!

If a fundamentalist husband forces himself on his wife, it's not 'rape' no matter how many times she screams 'no'!

Nobody will ever admit to this in public, but I swear I've had these conversations.

When I read about Bennett denying there was an investigation, then admitting there was once the evidence is produced, I think back on all these moments where half-truths are given as much weight, if not more, than truth, and wonder if Bennett's answer is a symptom of growing up in fundamentalism? Where you're taught to tap dance with words so it can appear you're telling the truth.

If you're silent, you haven't lied.

Ergo, if you're silent, you're being truthful?

I did a search on 'Brad Bennett' and discovered this post at the FFF. Notice it was posted on 10/23/2006, three years before the wftv expose:

I can help you with Tom Bennett. He has changed his name to Brad Bennett. I live in South Florida but several years ago when traveling through Orlando, I saw a story about him on tv news--channel 6. He had been teaching high school at Seminole High School in Sanford and was fired for innappropriate assignments given to students. Then a couple of years later they (the tv station) tracked him down in Kentucky where he was teaching at a school. When the school was notified of his past history with children he was let go and on tv he said he was heading west. There were also mentions made on tv of allegations about him in New Smyrna Beach. You could probably contact someone at the station for archive information. His wife left him after he moved in with another man ten of fifteen years ago. He would always tell people that Bob Gray was his mentor. I guess he was!

from: Miamicane's post about Tom Bennett.

Read the entire thread:

FFF thread about Tom Bennett.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What does Trinity Christian Academy and a Brooklyn Yeshiva have in common?

A few things, it seems:

Article: Orthodox Jewish Community Struggles With Abuse Allegations.

The abuse was in the office:

When Joel Engelman was 8 years old, he says, he was called from his Hebrew class to the principal's office at his Brooklyn yeshiva, a Jewish religious school. His parents had recently told Rabbi Avrohom Reichman that their son had been abused by an older boy at the school, he says.

Joel Engelman, pictured as a child, and Tamir Weissberg said they were victims of sexual abuse by members of the Orthodox Jewish community. They said they were told not to discuss the alleged abuse. But he says the rabbi was not offering to help that day.

When Engelman arrived at the principal's office, he says, Reichman told him to close the door. He told the boy to sit on his lap and began swiveling his chair back and forth, Engelman says. Reichman then touched him, moving from his shoulders down, Engelman claims.

Leadership wanted the victims to remain silent:

But Engelman says the response from religious leaders has been just as disturbing as the alleged abuse. He claims the school's religious leaders told him not to go to the police, and promised to remove Reichman from the school, which they did for a few months.

"They kept telling me, 'Don't go to the police, don't do anything. We've dealt with this before,'" with other teachers, he said. "It really shocked me."

A few days after the statute of limitations for Engelman to file a civil or criminal case against Reichman for abuse passed, the school reinstated the rabbi, the lawsuit claims.

Friends and family get divided:

"My sister told me until I stop the slander, she can't be my sister," she said.

A detractor stigmatized the entire Orthodox Jewish community:

"If you're a pedophile, just go to one of the orthodox communities. You're probably safest there," said New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, himself an Orthodox Jew. "It's sad for me to say that, but it's true."

All these coincidences, and more, happened in the world of Trinity Baptist Church/Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida.

The sad thing is, the politicos who spoke at Trinity, and the council people currently members of Trinity, unlike Assemblyman Dov Kikind, are also keeping their mouths shut.

They'll talk about child abuse, as long as they're talking about 'the usual suspects'. Never themselves!

The surprising thing?

They're the ones people trust when it comes to 'family values'.

Go figure!

Well, they do know how keep secrets 'in the family', that's for sure.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

and now, a word from our sponsor. . .

Just so you know it's not all 'predators in the pulpit' and freaking out over fundamentalist antics.

Here is my latest movie that has nothing to do with religion or abuse.

Well, there is this part where a guy talks about being abused by his mother and how he conditioned himself to accept the pain she caused him.

He kept hitting himself on the arm until he was used to the pain. Eventually, his mother hit him, and he casually accepted it.

He did not flinch.

She never hit him again. Since accepting pain is such a part of the wrestling experience, he went into wrestling under the name 'BLOOD'.

You might also be interested in knowing that a former student from Trinity Christian Academy went into pro-wrestling. He was a few years below me, so our paths never crossed.

His name is Krusher Knopf:


1.) I finished it. That right there puts it at Number One.

2.) While I find myself prone to introspection and asking 'WHY?'. Not one of the wrestlers in my movie EVER asks themselves 'WHY?'. Not even after they've intentionally hurled themselves onto a table, filled with broken glass, and set on fire. They're damaging their bodies for very little in return, and NOT ONCE do any of them ask, 'Why am I doing this?'

You have to admire such unquestioning devotion to their art.

3.) 'I WANT MORE' performed by THE FADED. That's my new theme song to life. You can get it from the LOST ANARCHY compilations by visiting

4.) These are the most fully realized characters in the annals of fiction, BUT THEY'RE REAL!!!

Yes, Virginia, there really is a man living in Brooklyn who, concerned about gangs, suddenly donned a wrestler's mask and now walks the streets turning youth from a lifetime of crime.

And his name is . . .THE GREAT MAMBO KING!

Although I am not a wrestling fan, I had more fun putting this movie together after sitting on it for 7 years. The problem was, I didn't have a 'center' to build this movie around back in 2002. It's hard to edit something if you don't feel the excitement.

Somewhere between Evan Ginzburg, whom I stayed with during the shoot, becoming the associate producer of Darren Aronofksy's The Wrestler, then becoming the producer for Wrestling Then and Now, and after spending my own time in the 'school of hard knocks', I found myself looking beyond the body slams and appreciating their devotion to the craft. The inspiration kicked in.

Maybe that's where I went wrong in life? While I was out 'fighting the good fight' and doing 'noble things' for all the 'right causes' and receiving zip in return, I realize it would have made more sense to hurl myself onto a flaming table filled with broken glass.

Which brings me to:

5.) These are the nicest wrestlers you will ever see in a movie. Yep, I mean that! Unlike Beyond the Mat and The Wrestler, the men and women in my movie are not selfish SOB's. It seems in most wrestling documentaries I've seen, the characters are either so over the top they've become ridiculous. Or, they're treating their family and friends like crap in their pursuit of fame and fortune.

Neither is the case in this movie. I didn't set out to make a movie where wrestling looks good. Especially, since I've been critical of a lot of things in the sport, but damned if that isn't what happened!

This is a movie wrestling fans, or those who want to get into wrestling, can show to their families and friends and have them remark, "Okay, I can see why you want to do this!"

You can't do that with The Wrestler or Beyond the Mat, or even Donald Jackson's I Like To Hurt People. Jackson's movie is more like a comic book. Good, but I don't see it causing viewers to become enamored with wrestling.

Wrestling Then and Now is probably the only documentary I've seen that makes wrestling look (dare I say?) 'wholesome'. It reflects the truth of the people I met when I spent three weeks in NYC back during the Summer of 2002.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just in about Tom Bennett

Received this from the person I've been e-mailing with:

I just spoke with Dr.Bennett,
DSC found him 100% innocent
and the reporter now has a serious
lawsuit from the college.

If any articles pop up regarding this matter, I'll put the link on the blog.

Former TCA teacher 'under investigation' for sex allegations.

Readers of this blog might recall a story I told about an English teacher who encouraged me by praising a story I wrote about a predatory preacher.

This was during the 79/80 era.

My story was inspired by 'Apocalypse Now', where my character was going to a fundamentalist Christian camp. When he arrived at the camp, he learned that the leader was abusing campers in a satanic ceremony. My hero escapes and finds someone who is totally the opposite in beliefs as the abusive preacher, but willing to take my alter ego in.

My hero trusts this person, only to have this person reveal he, and the abusive preacher, are on the same page. This person takes him to the police, where the police bring him back to the abusive preacher. In the end, he gives up and winds up 'drinking the koolaide'.

Keep in mind, this is decades before Bob Gray, the founder of TCA, would be arrested for sexually molesting children in his office.

When I came back after my first year at college (University of South Florida), I wanted to speak with Tom Bennett because I read Nathanial Hawthorne's 'Young Goodman Brown' which,co-incidently, seemed like a carbon copy of the story I wrote in his class. Bennett wasn't around because he had been fired.

Why was he fired? I asked one of the assistant pastors who just replied, over and over again, 'Tom Bennett is a pervert! Tom Bennett is a pervert! He was asking teens inappropriate questions!"

I further asked about the inappropriate questions, but didn't receive an answer that seemed rational. The questions, asked in another context, could also be asked by someone who heard rumors of sexual improprieties, and was trying to get to the truth of the matter. I remember, quite clearly, asking, "What if there's child molestation going on at Trinity Christian Academy, and Bennett was trying to find out what's really happening?"

The assistant pastor wouldn't listen. He just kept repeating his mantra, 'Tom Bennett is a pervert!' as if he thought I would believe him if he said it over and over again.

After Gray was arrested, I posted this account on my blog, and had people get angry at me for painting Bennett like a righteous crusader. I asked for updates on where Bennett was, but received nothing beyond that he was gay, and he eventually broke up with his wife. That made me think maybe he was being harrassed with false charges because he was gay.

One of Bennett's current students (a community college) just got in touch with me.

Bennett is in hot water down in Daytona. Now, after reading this article,, and noticing sex charges following him, and not just in Christian schools, it does give me pause.

There are other sex offenders who came from Trinity, and may still be there. The two most notorious, besides Bob Gray, have been Tony Denton and Tom Rake. If Bennett's thrown into the mix, people are just going to roll their eyes and go, "Typical for Trinity!"

This student does not believe the allegations, and I can understand where she's coming from. Bennett, out of all the teachers at TCA, seemed to encourage my 'rebellion' which involved writing about things done in secret by moral authority figures. That's hardly in keeping with a man who also has dark secrets he wishes to keep.

Why would a man who allegedly abuses children encourage me by praising a story I wrote about a predatory evangelist? A brilliant cover? Get behind someone whose unmasking predatory pastors? There have been cases of predators infiltrating child advocacy groups, so it's not beyond the realm of reason.

Still, there have been cases, such as the account of Geoffrey Hill, of a child advocate who was arrested after indecent pictures of boys were found on his computer. He alleged they were planted by the police. We will never know the full story as his body was found, shot in the chest, and buried in the desert near the Salton Sea.

Whistleblowers have taken up Geoffrey Hill's cause:

Article: Retaliation against Citizen Whistleblowers.

All those other accusations about Bennett, though, from different schools, does make me wonder about my hypothesis. Still, people do have closed minds, and it's possible he could be receiving false charges simply because he's gay. Who knows?

Bennett does not seem to be the whistle blower type, though. I tried in vain to get in touch with him when I first began this blog back in 2006. Didn't happen.

Unfortunately, this is the first evidence presented to me that Bennett is, at least, still a teacher:

Article: Man Continues To Teach Amid Sex Allegations.

Church goers most likely supporters of torture.

Go figure! The biggest fans of Fox's Book of Martyrs are the ones most likely supportive of torture.

Hmmm, I never thought of that book as a 'how to' manual until reading this: