Sunday, April 12, 2009

Religious Right concedes defeat, but refuses to state 'why'.

If you consider James Dobson the living embodiment of the religious right, you have to take into account how he referred to the Mark Foley scandal as 'silly'. Foley, you might remember, championed a ruling that forbade drawings (not photos) of children in compromising positions. He was then caught soliciting sex from a minor in D.C. Although, in D.C. the age of consent is 17. Still, that was enough to cause a scandal since Foley proved he was no different than those he was fighting against.

What was Dobson's response? He called it 'silly'.

Dobson said this while the drama of preachers, being caught for child molestation, and deacons covering them up, occurred all across the nation. And he wonders why he lost moral credibility?

This man, who spent his life 'breaking the will' of children and fighting the rights of consensual adults, suddenly revealed his morals are as situational as the Humanists he opposes.

This isn't the first time they conceded defeat, though. The last time was after Clinton won re-election. It didn't take them long to give us George W. Bush, even though some are trying to distance themselves from his legacy.

Funny evangelists! They all apologize, but for the wrong reasons.

Article: Religious Right concedes defeat.

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