Friday, April 24, 2009

Schizophrenic Christianity and Bible Madness up for auction.

from the auction listing:

SCHIZOPHRENIC CHRISTIANITY: How Christian Fundamentalism Attracts and Protects Sociopaths , Abusive Pastors, and Child Molesters. By, Jeri Massi, copyright 2008.

This book by Jeri Massi documents abuses within fundamentalist Christianity. Emphasis given to those refusing to bring child predators, who work as bus captains, pastors, etc, to justice.

BIBLE MADNESS, directed by Dwayne Walker, concerns two bible college students going 'soul winning' in a swinging singles complex in the mid 1990's. One has political ambitions, contemplating a run as a stealth candidate. He plans to run on issues like synchronous stoplights, only to switch to moral issues once elected. His partner, played by Bart Aikens, from HOT SEAT WITH WALLY GEORGE, meets Diana Murphy (played by Joanne Rubino) a woman who was abused by a church leader. She has rid herself of fundamentalist 'demons' by becoming a female bodybuilder competing on the circuit.

"An absorbing and thoughtful meditation about the role of religion in contemporary society."

Scott Von Doviak, FILM THREAT.

This DVD also includes DON'T GO IN THE CHURCH, a short movie that highlights the excuses leaders give to victims to keep them from going forward with their accounts.

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