Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lancaster Baptist Church outdoes itself.

When I made the movie, Bible Madness, I transferred what I experienced in Jacksonville, Florida (Trinity Baptist Church) to Southern California. One of the criticisms I experienced from the movie is that there's not really a Trinity Baptist Church styled fundamentalism out here. People out here don't go door to door soulwinning. Nor do they pray in public or have strict rules concerning separation. Not like we were used to in Jacksonville.

Well, the folks at Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA, just a hoot and holler from Hollywood, USA, have not only dominated their town but are currently 'out-Trinity'ing' Trinity. Whereas Trinity might be a Great White in a bigger gulf, Lancaster Baptist is a giant fish in a very small pond. But they have been very successful in dominating that town.

Here's their most recent bit of notoriety.

Mayor Parris, a good buddy of Pastor Paul Chappell, recently made the statement:

“We’re growing a Christian community, and don’t let anybody shy away from that,” he told an audience of 160 people, mainly pastors and their spouses, during his State of the City address Tuesday at the John P. Eliopulos Hellenic Center.


Sherry Marquez, also an employee of Lancaster Baptist Church, and not to be out done, took a few moments to trash Muslims:

Did ya' catch what she said about crimes against young girls? Yeah, I'm glad she opposes horrific crimes against young girls when it's the Muslims doing it. Now, if only she'd take a few moments and address the crimes against young girls in her own world of independent fundamentalism.

I know, molesting young girls isn't the same as killing young girls.

Wow! I bet that makes victims of abuse feel better, doesn't it?

All this ridiculousness aside, I'm glad to see someone in Lancaster is about to stand up to the nonsense perpetrated on that community by Mr. Chappell and company.

The local Atheist group was afraid to show my movie Don't Go In The Church. That's the movie I screened when I did this:

To refresh your memory, here's what the 'loyal opposition' wrote me when I attempted to screen both Bible Madness and Don't Go In The Church in Lancaster, CA:

from: The Movie They're Afraid To Show In Lancaster.

Hello, Mr. Walker,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I've actually been giving your offer a lot of thought, but I don't think we're ready for a screening, at least at the moment. Mr. Chapell is very politically powerful in our town, having played a large part in getting our currect mayor and at least one council member elected. Confronting him publicly with your film could have very serious consequences for our relatively small group.

I hope you understand our situation, and I wish you all the best.

The Atheists might be shivering in their boots, afraid to confront Mr. Chappell. In fact, when I showcased my movie, Wrestling Then and Now, at the Antelope Valley College, the gallery owner kept trying to get me to STOP mentioning my Atheist connections. That's how scared they are, rightly or wrongly, of Chappell in this town.

No one wanted to screen Don't Go In The Church or Bible Madness, but they did want to screen wrestling. Since I'm fed up with taking stands for people who won't take a stand for their own interests, I thought, "If they want wrestling, I'll give 'em wrestling!"

I got wind of Mayor Perris's comments, and the warm, loving thoughts of councilwoman Marquez, through the recent Atheists United newsletter.

All my e-mails and articles about abuse in that fundamental community went unheeded. The 'loyal opposition' was fearful and silent, and Lancaster Baptist Church was lulled into a false sense of security. Because the loyal opposition was silent, the good city council member from LBC now attacked the Islamic community.

They are not going to take it!

I'd like to take this moment and thank Paul Chappell and Sherry Marquez for waking me out of my apathy. You make me feel like a prophet!

Ah, Lancaster! Right up there with South Park. You make life interesting, that's for sure! A wonderful desert town next to a military base with a shadow government of fundamentalists. You're like Roswell, New Mexico without the charm of space aliens. lol!

Facebook page: Remove Councilwoman Sherry Marquez from Office.

NOTE: One thing I neglected to write in all my articles about Lancaster is that Paul Chappell received an honorary degree from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida. That's the college founded by Bob Gray, who was arrested on multiple charges of child molestation. Gray died just a few days before his trial was set to begin. Chappell, the man who wants to protect the children of Lancaster, to my knowledge, has not commented in public about the situation concerning his late friend.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! That is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard! I have been to Lancaster, CA and even been to that church. They do have a huge influence in that town, but you make them sound like they are doing a takeover of California or the world. And BTW, not everyone who is a fundamentalist is involved in some sex scandal or child molestation case. No doubt some atheists or Muslims can be accused of the same charges. From what I have observed, Chappell has done an excellent job at making sure he stays away from the disgusting things Bob Gray did. Don't lump all fundamentalists in the same will have to throw atheists, Muslims, Catholics, and many other groups in as well because no one is perfect!

Dwayne Walker said...

Actually, we don't have to worry about them taking over California. They're too busy trying to take over Palmdale:!/pages/Get-Parris-Out-of-Lancaster/342591791075?ref=ts

fund-a-mentalist said...

For all the sons of God around, Lancaster Baptist Church is not on God's favorite list I'm sure. I got told when I visited that they do whatever it takes to bring people back to God. They seem to work a force that gets applied as soon as they smell money, no different from the psychics that hit me up on the street the day before my paydays. What is it about them that makes people love to loathe them?

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention how sherry marquez was on the advisory committee for the church, and when the abused children issues were brought to light, she advised the family's not to sue. now what kind of despicable person would advise a family wih an abused child not to persue the issue? a woman who is up rex's arse thats who. rex parris had just made a 1.1 million dollar donation to the church. he uses paul chappell for all the "christian boasting" he needs. it's just another plitical tactic, thats all. he uses it to the fullest excuse and then contradicts so-called "christian values" every single day, from stepping on the poor, making sure that certain enemies of his are harassed, cheating on his wife, the list goes on and on..... the LBC actually went as far as to ask students there at the "unaccredited school located on the property" to precinct walk for rex parris's campaign. but of course they would receive school credits for doing so. clear abuse of the system and is clearly disgraceful behavior. Maybe next election the people will get off their buts and vote him out! he is in office for 2 reasons, he cheated by having 100% full access to absentee ballots sent to HIS p.o. box., and 2 not enough people got out there to vote. bad politicians are generally elected by those who don't vote and stand by doing nothing to help fight the injustices. we suffer more everyday in lancaster. LBC is merely a pawn in the local political games. this abuse must be stopped, thanks for the great article!

shannon said...

I live in Palmdale, Ca wich is a town next to Lancaster. They have left flyers in my door (in Spanish) inviting me to their church. They have also come to my door trying to recruit me. I live in a gated community which has a 'no soliciting' sign in front, but they still come in. I have heard them argue religion with my neighbor for over an hour. Who ever says they do not have an influence in Lancaster politics are fooling themselves. Mayor Parris is in their back pocket along with Marquez. The ACLU are suing the city of Lancaster because they have open prayer at the city council meetings where they end the prayers 'in Jesus's name.' The people of Lancaster have asked for a moment of silence to pray, but Parris has refused.

Mickey said...

All I can say as a member of LBC is read your bible, bad things happen everywhere to everyone but God is a forgiving God and wants us to forgive each other also. We are not to judge or condemn each other, if we are aware of wrong doing then we will be more cautious in that situation or with that person next time. It is not all about money but the bible does command us to give in tithes and offerings, not for our gain or pleasure but to see people saved. I used to think all the silly things most of you think until I started studying the bible. If the pastor has a false motive or the mayor or whoever they are the ones who will be held accountable just like each of us will be for our lives. Only God knows the heart.