Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ministry of Greed--on sale for .01!

Hey, check it out! Ministry of Greed by Larry Mertz is on sale at amazon for .01!

This book is notable for Bob Gray making an appearance after Jerry Falwell screwed Jim Bakker out of the PTL Club. Gray preaches a message criticizing Falwell's actions. Falwell gets in touch with Gray. Reporters then ask Gray for clarification, to which he answers, "I stand corrected."

Interesting. . .

Doesn't that sound like something Martin Luther would say if he were a 21st Century slacker?

"Here I stand. . .corrected."

I've always wondered what Jerry Falwell said to Bob Gray that caused him to change his mind. It's not every day that an absolutist fundamentalist minister backtracks on a sermon.

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