Monday, February 1, 2010

Southern Baptists WOULD NEVER engage in child trafficking, would they?

This is a very peculiar situation in Haiti. 10 people from the Haitian Orphan Rescue Mission are arrested for transporting children from Haiti into Santo Domingo. Of course, it is in Haiti where many government entities have been destroyed. Still, it's a hot spot for child traffickers, so you'd think you would be extra cautious when transporting children across international borders.

Not for this group of Southern Baptists! They apparently didn't think anything of crossing the borders with undocumented children. After all, they have it on the good word of a church pastor those kids are legitimate orphans.

It would eventually be discovered that some of those children had parents who were still alive.

Innocent mistake? Naivete concerning international law?

American superiority by thinking the government of Haiti is so far gone they wouldn't care if we took a few across the border?

A slap dash rescue effort without research into legal niceties?

Child trafficking? By Southern Baptists?

Excepting for all the accusations against Southern Baptist ministers for pedophilia and child abuse, could child trafficking be possible?

It could very well be naivete. However, sometimes naivete can also be an excellent cover for evil deeds.

A very confusing situation. Haiti has agreed to let the ten missionaries be tried on American soil.

Guilty or innocent, I believe they'll probably be found 'not guilty' and go on to write best selling books.


10 Americans Arrested In Haiti, Accused Of Child Trafficking.

Idaho church prays for Americans held in Haiti.


Sharon said...

This would not be the first time Baptist "do-gooders" overlooked parental rights.

I have family in Lynchburg who experienced legal troubles because Jerry ignored parental wiches & deceived my relatives to be caregivers for children that didn't need them. (I would cite this, except my relatives would like the story to remain a secret.)

Dwayne Walker said...

You mean 'wishes', of course! lol. Given the audience for this blog, I wouldn't want people to think Jerry was ignoring 'witches'.

I've heard stories like this as well. It starts 'mild' with baptizing kids without permission, then gets worse with removing children from their parents. Not for anything major, but because of that family's point of view might differ with the official fundamentalist view of things.

Take your pick: drugs, sexuality of the parents, not going to church on Sunday.

The worst situations I've heard of concern young girls who get pregnant at the age of 16 or 17. Really young by our standards, but not at all 'over the hill' for those of the late Jerry Falwell's generation who were used to seeing young women get pregnant and married off.

Anyway, these girls would get pregnant. Want to raise their children (again, no different than those of Falwell's 'generation'), but they would be separated from their children. The women would be sent to girl's homes where they would be subject to a number of abuses.

When they left the girl's homes, they STILL wanted to raise their children. A few began legal proceedings and letter writings and would not stop until they were reunited with their children. Some did get reunited with their children and both parties were pleased.

Even to this day, I still hear rumours about church pastors who go out of their way to break up marriages of people they feel shouldn't even be together.

Once, in a huff, I deleted this entire blog. What brought me back to the blog was a report that one fellow in Jacksonville was about to sue the pastor of a prominent local church because that pastor went out of his way to break up his marriage.

I spoke with him on the phone, but, alas, he never went forward with his lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

The lastest I have heard on this is the note that 8 of the 10 slipped a news team. In it they accuse the leader of trying to oontrol and of lying. Somewhat unsettling. My take on this is that even if the 8 did not know somethng wasn't right at the beginning, it had to have become clear very shortly after their arrival. Why didn't they jump ship then? The need for survival does funny things to people doesn't it?