Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a day for crimes against children in Long Beach, CA!

These cases have nothing to do with clergymen, but it's still a local case for me and a bit too close for comfort.

First, the head of California's largest mental institution was arrested for molesting a Long Beach foster child for more than a decade. Plus, four other cases stemming from the 1970's:

Article: Official charged in molestation.

Second story:

Ronald Alcala, a freelance photographer, who served time for attacking an 8 year old girl with a pipe, was also convicted and sentenced for killing 12 year old Robin Samsoe back in 1979. He has other victims who died violent deaths but somehow Alcala kept getting his convictions overturned.

What's up with that?

He was convicted again today. Think he'll get his conviction overturned again?

A really weird moment in the trial was when a mother testified that two gold earrings, owned by her daughter, were found in his pouch.

His defense? A clip of himself on 'The Dating Game' where he is wearing similar ear rings.

Article: Photographer convicted of killing 5 women 30 years ago.

Third story:

A sex offender apartment house in Long Beach has just been gutted and undergoing renovation.

Here's an article about the people who lived in this house:

Interview with a Rapist.

Here's a brief mention of the uproar after it was discovered 12 sex offenders were living in the house:

Sex offender apartment rehabilitated.

Interestingly, the house isn't that far from where Paula Jones, who sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, used to live.

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