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Let's use the way back machine and look at the ghost of Lancaster's past.

NOTE: I just received a request from one of the principals involved in this dispute to remove that individual's name from the blog. This individual went back to the FFF and deleted the contents of the original posts. Therefore, this is the only place where you will see what used to be posted in the FFF. The contents are that important that I'm keeping the story up but deleting the names.

I'm getting some new readers from Lancaster, CA, who aren't familiar with the Fighting Fundamentalist Forum, perhaps the only place you can go to get an uncensored opinion of what's happening in the world of independent fundamentalist Baptists.

To save the newbies some time, I'm going to highlight some of the more disturbing threads regarding Lancaster and the world of Lancaster Baptist Church. My statcounter tells me Lancaster Baptist is also monitoring my page. So, if you're upset with me, take it up with the webmaster behind the FFF.

Thread: Important Information about Sex Offenders.

This thread begins with a series of e-mail exchanges between (name omitted) and LBC's Associate Pastor Tim Christoson concerning a West Coast Bible College student who was registered as a sex offender in Indiana. California law apparently did not require him to register as a sex offender because he was 13 years old when the offense happened. This exchange happened in 2008.

From the associate pastor:

Just for the record, regarding XXXX (name omitted by Christian School Confidential), he had an offense as a 13 year-old, and due to his age and the nature of the offense, he has not been required to register in CA (based on our state's criteria). He is required to register in IN until he's 25, then he'll roll off their list. I consulted with deputies in both Lancaster and Indiana, who indicated he is well within his rights to live here on the campus and attend school here, and also consulted with Christian Law Association, and they agreed. Just as an extra step of care, we have not assigned him to serve in children's ministry (as you know, many students serve in children's ministry).

Name omitted responds:

You got me disturbed with your answer that he is required to register in IN but not in CA. So I did some research for my personal edifcation. I checked the CA website and he is not registered. That bothered me to know that if someone commits that type of crime in another state, they wouldn't be required to register in CA. However, this is what I found on the CA website:

Registration of Sex Offenders Who Come to School or Work in California. Students and employees who reside out of state but go to school or work in California must register as sex offenders here if they are required to register in their state of residence. Penal Code 290, subd. (a)(1)(G). An employee is defined as a person who is employed in California on a full or part-time basis, with or without compensation, for more than 14 days, or for an aggregate period exceeding 30 days in a calendar year. A student is defined as a person who is registered in an educational institution, as defined in Education Code section 22129, on a full or part-time basis. The student/employee must register in the jurisdiction where he or she attends school or is

The person in question eventually moved back to Indiana.

The associate pastor responded:

The young man is now back in Indiana, a few of the college administration who were not aware of the situation are now going to review it.

Did they take care of the problem by sending him back to Indiana? Or, was it just another case of a student returning home because the semester ended?

Name omitted posts:

The deputy in charge of sex offender registration there told me XXXXX plans to return to WCBC in the fall. In my humble opinion, this move to Illinois was to get him off the radar before his return to WCBC and LBC in the fall. I ask you this - if XXXXX left WCBC in May, at the end of the semester, what purpose would WCBC have to be still talking to the Indiana Sheriff's Department about him? Expecially in light of the fact that the Illinois Sheriff's Department has information that says he plans to return to WCBC in the fall?

If LBC has not properly dealt with this problem, and there are more sex offenders on campus, it might just be a reflection of the city of Lancaster which has been used by Los Angeles as a dumping ground for pedophiles. Of course, my new readers probably know this already.

Thread: High Rate of Sexual Offenders.


"There are a disproportionate number of sexual offenders being located in our community and our children are too important to us to allow them to be the next victims. " - Sharon Runner

"The Antelope Valley had more parolees and ex-sex offenders than any other area in California, Ledford told ABC7. " "The fact of the matter is we are a dumping ground," Ledford said.

Ledford is a former mayor of Lancaster, CA.

A citizen writes:

The sheer number of homes housing sex offenders and the number of ladies who go soulwinning every week means that ladies/teens/college ladies are knocking on at least one sex offender's door EVERY WEEK. I mean, if one out of 408 people are registered sex offenders, and we assume there are two people living in each house (a very conservative guess), that mean there is a sex offender living in every 204th house. If we assume four people live in each house, that number drops to one sex offender for every 102 homes.

At the very least, LBC should be using the megan's law site to come up with modified maps for the ladies/teens/college ladies to use - keeping them away from these criminals. Not that walking down the street in broad daylight in Lancaster is safe anymore. Let the men knock on these doors. Or it should be gently suggested that ladies only go door knocking in the company of their husbands if they wish to be safer.

For the safety of the ladies/teens at LBC, I hope some protections are in place.

In spite of this, it seems the emphasis of both the mayor and the pastors is NOT SEX OFFENDERS, but instead gangs.

Thread: Pastor Chappell Named Citizen of the Year.


“No one is more responsible for the success of the Antelope Valley War on Gangs than Pastor Chappell. He got the resources together; captured everyone’s attention; and, recruited the involvement needed to help the Antelope Valley turn the corner in making our community safe again,” remarked Mayor Parris.

Another factor in the selection of Dr. Chappell as Citizen of the Year is the economic impact Lancaster Baptist Church and West Coast Baptist College have on the community. Dr. Chappell’s church and its affiliated educational institutions go beyond improving the spiritual, charitable, and educational well-being of this community. The “something extra” they provide has turned out to be invaluable to the area.

Well, if LBC provides the primary financial boom in Lancaster, it's obviously not coming from the real estate market.

Thread: Does this story describe the Antelope Valley today?


I do not know what the local forclosure rate is, but houses are not selling...even with price drops.

And I know of real estate agents who suggest their clients completely avoid the east side of Lancaster due to the high crime rate (the bad side of town where LBC/WCBC is located).

Another poster sarcastically replies:

For those who are stuck there, I am SO SORRY!

But on the bright side, look at all those new prospects for the bus ministry!

NOTE: I realize these posts are a couple years old and there's been a change in mayors, but I doubt the recent comments, and facebook postings, by Councilwoman Sherry Marquez are likely to make people pack up their bags and move to Lancaster.

I enjoy the desert and think Lancaster has potential, but not with the current administration.

All this reminds me of the book In His Steps where an entire city is changed when everybody asks the question, "What would Jesus do?"

In the case of Lancaster, it looks like those currently in power asked the question, then decided to do the opposite. And those are His biggest fans! Most already know my Atheistic leanings. That said, why do I get the feeling Jesus would prefer Atheists who actually embody his teachings as opposed to those acting in his name who are obviously his biggest embarrassment?

It seems the more people insist on literally accepting him as God in the flesh, the less they tend to emphasize actually following his teachings. Whereas those who look upon him as a good teacher, but not necessarily divine, are the ones who seem to practice loving their neighbor, turning the other cheek, feeding the poor, and all the other things most have come to associate with Christianity.

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