Thursday, August 13, 2009

The most intelligent comment on the Marty Braemer affair! (plus, an announcement)

This post from Violet is from this thread where the FFFr's can't get enough of attacking each other.


"Do you, any of you, have any idea how much fodder we've already provided for several bloggers out there who have no agenda other than smearing the name of Jesus, and taking down as many Christians with Him as they can? Our words here for the past few days have been read, taken out of context (and sometimes not), polished and shined, and set up as trophies for the anti-Christians who want nothing more than for us to attack each other with as much bile as we can muster, so that they can be entertained, and so they can prove to themselves and their readership that Jesus is not part of any of our lives."

I have seen four blogs (including this one) covering this: Lavender Liberal, Hugh McBryde, and Bassenco's blong.

For the record, and I *might* be able to talk about this in further detail in a few weeks, I'm not setting up all Christians (even fundamentalists) for ridicule. Another major organization has stolen the garlands from the Southern Baptist Convention regarding covering up child predators, but that's another revelation that I'll have to keep under wraps for legal reasons until I'm free to do so.

The reason I'm giving space to the virtual riot going on at the FFF, is to demonstrate the 'blame the victim' mentality that is happening before our eyes. Some act as if it doesn't exist, so when it happens right before our eyes, it should be called out.

In a way though, I must thank Andrew for kicking me off! I'm kinda glad I'm not part of the mess over there. If I hadn't have been kicked off, I wouldn't have wound up making Don't Go In The Church, which paved the way for the successful press conference in Jacksonville, Florida last year. Sometimes getting kicked off a forum can be the best thing to happen to you,

Oh, lest I forget, it's official!

My movie, Wrestling Then and Now will be screened at the Antelope Valley City College theater in Lancaster, CA on November 7, 2009. Details to come.

Hmm, I wonder if I would even had time to put this movie together if I had been spending all my time on the FFF?

NOTE: I don't know keeps cutting off this poster. I'll have to work on this at a later time.

Visit to see the full poster.


Sapphocrat said...

Good catch, Dwayne -- but here's what knocks me out more than anything else: " agenda other than smearing the name of Jesus, and taking down as many Christians with Him as they can."

First: As far as my personal agenda goes, there's no "smearing Jesus" or "taking down" Christians who actually attempt to emulate Christ. It's a shame that poster never read my "Introduction" page; the entire thrust of ConBab can be boiled down to: Any holier-than-thou, right-wing homophobe who demands to be the moral arbiter of my values and dictate the structure of my life, while cheating, molesting, raping, and acting like anything but Jesus, is fair game, and deserves to be outed and publicly shamed as brutally as possible, and called out as the lying, multi-faced hypocrite s/he is.

If these arrogant, prideful Christians In Name Only would keep their religion out of my life instead of trying to turn our country into their theocracy, I'd be delighted to forget any of them every existed.

Second: Did you catch how "smearing the name of Jesus" sounds more like the poster is substituting the Infallible Pastor Type (whether it's Marty or any other preacher) for Jesus? I've seen a lot of that when Christian role models fall hard -- their "fans" treat exposure of their idols' feet of clay not as a rebuke (and I thought these folks preached the value of "rebuke"! Ha!) of the all-too-fallible man, but as an attack on Jesus Christ himself.

Then again, this is a bunch of Hyles-Anderson brainwash-ees we're talking about -- and I'm sure you know just how deep Jack Hyles' pathological Messiah complex ran. A single reading of his stomach-turning "How to Rear Children" (1972) demonstrates that -- and any number of "Never question your pastor!" admonitions from the H-A site itself only reinforce this Pastor-As-God mentality.

I hope the FFFers -- particularly this Violet person -- read this comment. I'm not "anti-Christian" -- I'm anti-busybodies who are compelled to force me -- through their political donations and their votes -- to live by their rules, when they can barely live up to their own standards (nice lot of "debates, envyings, wraths, strifes, backbitings, whisperings, swellings, tumults," FFFers!).

Aside from all that, yes, Dwayne, absolutely: The blame-the-victim mentality is utterly breathtaking, as is the depth of denial it takes to engage in it.

P.S. Congrats on your movie!

Dwayne Walker said...

We agree on this for sure! I've had to take this 'he's got an agenda' from so many people who should know better. In the early days of the blog, I actually tried to take them on by asking them exactly what my 'agenda' is.

Wish I knew myself!

Apparently, I'm so upset with their moral standards that I want to take time out of my schedule to lampoon and humiliate them. That way, I can go live like I want with total justification.

Can't they see they're actually doing what they accuse me of? They do everything they want, and as long as someone 'repents' in a manner approved by the majority, it's hands off!


Funny thing is: I don't think they even believe they're trying to start a theocracy. Yet, look at the thread below and tell me if this doesn't sound like a group of people plotting mass revolution:

I read this in the AM, and couldn't find one person who could even notice that it sounds like they're talking about taking arms against the government:

I know, I know, I'm 'taking things out of context', at least, that's what I'll be accused of. Actually, not really. This is how it always starts. With murmurs until somebody takes it literally.

Doesn't it sound like someone's trying to provoke people into actually taking to the streets in violence? As if shouting at town hall meetings, without even the courtesy of making sense, isn't enough.

And these people think I have an agenda?

Dwayne Walker said...

You're welcome on the movie, btw! Keeping fingers crossed that it will take off, or at least help jump start future projects. Thanks!

The Pharisee said...

Hugh Beaumont?

Dwayne Walker said...

LOL! I had you confused with the dad on 'Leave It To Beaver'! Okay, it's corrected.

The Pharisee said...

Having that straightened out, I broke the story originally because I intended to "smear" Marty, not Christ. I have a goal of upholding Christ, which in this case involved smearing Marty.

Marty as a pastor is in the unique spotlight that requires his "smearing" per the word of God, should he stumble in this sort of way. You'll notice that I removed the name of his lover (no longer necessary) and ceased commenting on the topic once he was thoroughly "outed" and the basic facts of the story were confirmed.

When and if Marty returns to the pulpit/pastorate/office of Elder, I will seek him out and publicize his sin to his new congregation.

After that, they're on their own.