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If you're interested in the following books, just visit my e-bay site and bid away! These are very rare books, so take advantage of it now before I have second thoughts and change my mind! lol.

More auctions to come. . .

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Fundamental Seduction analyzes the sermons of Jack Hyles, the now deceased pastor of First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana. At the time, it was known as the 'World's Largest Church'. He also gives us an account of serving in the church, and his growing suspicions that things were not right in the pastorate. Includes an interview with the ex-wife of Dave Hyles (the 'world's youngest youth pastor'), and an account of the death of Brent Stevens.

There are some photographs. This is the book, along with Vic Nischik's The Wizard of God, which started the movement for pastoral accountability within the independent fundamentalist Baptist movement. It is in okay condition, but you want to handle the book with gentleness and respect. The pages are certainly not falling out, but you can tell it has been read. Slight coffee stain on the outside of the pages, but nothing too objectionable quality wise. 485 pages

The Wizard of God - My life with Jack Hyles, by Victor Nischik. This account of a man who served under the ministry of Jack Hyles, the now deceased pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. First Baptist was once billed as 'the World's Largest Church'.

Victor suspects all is not well between his wife and Pastor Hyles. He discovers love letters, confronts the pastor, burns the love letters, then consents to a rather unusual living arrangement that threatens his health.This is the book, along with Voyle Glover's Fundamental Seduction, the Jack Hyles Case, which started the movement for pastoral accountability within the independent fundamentalist Baptist movement. This book is in very good condition. 145 pages.

Spring Break Missionaries - Growing Up in Christian America by, Dwayne Walker. Yes, I am the author and offering a rare copy of my book for sale. It was published in 1994 (self), and was a memoir about growing up in two fundamentalist Baptist churches during the years 1976-1980.

It includes life in a small North Florida church, then Trinity Baptist Church, pastored by the now deceased Bob Gray, in Jacksonville, Florida, and a stint at Bob Jones University in 1980. What makes this book notable is a mention, toward the end, concerning allegations that Bob Gray was guilty of molesting the daughter of a church member. It briefly mentions his leaving Trinity to serve as a missionary to Germany, but first he confesses to the congregation that he is guilty of something, but it is not 'immoral or sexual'.

Thirteen years after this book was published, Bob Gray was arrested on a return trip to Florida on multiple counts of molestation. He died before facing trial. Prior to his arrest, I noticed the value of this book rising to prices like $75. I couldn't figure out why the book would be worth so much, but after his arrest I realized what was going on. Somebody must have been mining this book for information! The price has since dropped to around $40 or so.

I'm starting off this auction at $5. I will personally autograph it for you. This book contains a forward by Austin Miles, author of Don't Call Me Brother. 148 pages.

Don't Call Me Brother, a Ringmaster's Escape from the Pentecostal Church by Austin Miles. Austin writes about his experiences with the circus and his association with the PTL Network, and the sordid things he witnessed. Published not long after Jim Bakker's 'fall from grace'. Austin Miles also wrote the forward to my book, Spring Break Missionaries', currently being auctioned. Published by Prometheus. 331 pages.

The LIfe and Legend of J. Frank Norris, the Fighting Parson by Dr. Homer G. RItchie. An excellent biography of J. Frank Norris by a man who actually knew and worked with him. I classified this as under 'western' history since Norris did grow up in the Wild West during the era when Dallas/Fort Worth crossed over into the modern age. He was actually a character in a pulp fiction western. That's one of the interesting tidbits you learn in this book which doesn't pull any punches.

You will read about Norris speculating, in public, about how it might be beneficial if one of his churches burned down, and then, it does! Surprisingly, Norris emerges from his trial for arson just as victoriously as he will eventually emerge from being found 'not guilty' of shooting unarmed D.E. Chipps four times. Norris also emerges from this book smelling like a rose! A slight tear on the front and back cover, but this book is in strong condition. Ready for another re-read! 323 pages.

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