Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the Marty threads have disappeared.

The threads that I referenced below have either been deleted, or simply hidden, at the FFF.

At least, you can still see some excerpts from the post below this one.

Here is the thread referencing the disappearance of the threads I have been quoting from:

By far, the best excerpts from the above thread are from 'best of life' and 'Calledout61':


I find it interesting that no one cried soap opera until, the "adulterer" came on and gave her side of the story! Very interesting.


PMB (Pastor Marty Braemer) was allowed to drag people through the mud without end, but he drags himself through the mud and the thread gets censored. Interesting.


Full Court said...

Yeah, but print screens are your friend.... :-)

Anonymous said...

Fundamentalists are the most immoral, unscrupulous, lowlifes I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. I have known drug addicts and meth heads with more scruples than fundamentalists. I honestly wonder what makes them the way they are. Immaturity, mental disease, demonic possession? Maybe all of those.
The sad part of it is, they cannot see it for themselves. They think the 'world' laughs at them and hates them because they are christian. When in fact it is because they are nothing but clowns.
As long as we have stupid people, we will have fundies.