Friday, August 7, 2009

LIFE Magazine (Elvis/Bob Gray issue, 8/27/56) now being auctioned on Ebay!


LIFE Magazine, August 27, 1956 contains many vintage photographs and articles that will look good under a gallery's protective glass, or, if you have the talent for it, you can carefully remove some vintage pages and frame them for either display or re-sale.

Alas, this is a magazine that has been read and used. The original owners, probably from the 1956 era, treated it like any other magazine. The front and back cover has scribbling on it, probably from some bored kids drawing a spiderweb, or figuring out quick math problems. The majority of the magazine is in good condition, with small tears here and there, but nothing that objectionable.

Meaning: nothing torn straight down the middle to render pages useless. It's what you would expect from a typical American family who are not aware this issue is about to become an historical item.

It contains pictures of Elvis coming to Jacksonville, Florida, and the town is in an uproar! Bob Gray, the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, declares Elvis has reached a new low in spirituality. Other churches begin offering alternatives to the Elvis concerts.

There is also an article about Adlai Stevenson and the Democratic Party, which is declared a party of 'youth and unity', although I'm not seeing much youth on display! lol. Plus, a surprising photographic look at Devil's Tower, which will be made famous a decade and a half later as the spot where the Mother Ship landed in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

This magazine has suffered wears and tears over the years, but remains a piece of history.

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George W. Dollar's 'THE FIGHT FOR FUNDAMENTALISM', written from the perspective of someone defending the historic movement called Fundamentalism. Includes a 'who's who', plus a list of 80's era bible colleges and where, George Dollar feels, they have either defended or departed from 'the faith'. 310 pages. Okay condition, still bound, but fragile.

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