Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BLAME THE VICTIM! Now playing at the FFF.

The 'other woman' in the Marty Braemer affair just posted her side of the story at the FFF. Now, everyone there is supportive of Marty, but when the woman comes on with her very real grief, they turn on her in the grand tradition of 'blaming the victim'.

Who started the affair? Does it even matter? Still, the real story is not Braemer, or the woman involved, but the 'blame the victim' mentality being demonstrated at the FFF. All the 'Christian love' is now being channelled toward sweeping this woman under the carpet. Through the miracle of the internet, we can see backyard gossip, and wonderful bible based character assassination, being played out in all it's glory.

from: http://www.fundamentalforums.com/the-fighting-forum/70917-the-other-side-of-the-story-from-pmbs-other-woman.html


from victim:

"It breaks my heart to see how easily you have convinced most people on here that your humility and penance is real, just as you convinced me that our relationship was orchestrated by God, when in fact, you betrayed my trust in your pastoral counsel and preyed upon my weakness and vulnerability."

from a variety of FFF'rs:

"You feel bitterness to him for ending the relationship so abruptly but accuse him of displaying false repentance because he "got caught"? You got caught too and your "repentance" seems just as contrived."

"My only criticism would be the bitterness and hatred that oozed from your post. Honestly, most of us could care less about either side. What could you hope to gain by posting here?"

"For a woman to blame a man that she has been unfaithful with for months is ludicrous. She is not a YOUNG woman nor was she naive. I don't care to know details. I don't even HAVE to know the details. Two people chose to broke the covenant in each of the marriages and the havoc and destruction that is left should be shared by both. Did Marty use his title to woo her? Who knows! Did she use her womanly charms to seduce him? Who knows?"

"I also find it hard to believe. If your life was shattered, would you seek out a forum of unknowns? Why should she care what any of US think?"

"I don't think you have much to gain from posting more, and I have a feeling you will have plenty of opportunity to get hurt if you stick around."

All of this is a FAR cry, from the supportive posts given for Marty Braemer, the fallen pastor:

from: http://www.fundamentalforums.com/the-fighting-forum/70603-i-repent.html


"I've never met you personally but you seem very sincere at the present time and you have always seemed like a good man with a good heart...I am sorry that you made this grave error in judgement and hope that you and your family wil get through this without continued heatache."

"Extending our prayers and well wishes for all parties involved."

"I am very impressed with your forthrightness, something we see very little of in our day. I pray that God and men alike will help you through this time of restoration, and that God will be able to use you in some capacity for His glory in the future."


Anonymous said...

Fundamentalism always blames the victim. And for the mental hospital known as the FFF, Andrew Teasdale will be raking in more bucks for his website in this latest episode.
The real villin here is not Braemer, his lover, or the mental midgets of the FFF, its Teasdale for allowing this exploitation to continue so he gets more revenue for his sideshow.
There is a special place in Hell for people like Andrew Teasdale,

Dwayne Walker said...

You know, I have mixed feelings about Andrew Teasdale. He banned me for really inconsequential reasons.

Mainly: I changed my denominational status to Unitarian since that's a tad more accurate. He took that opportunity to ban me, stating that I was claiming to be a Christian when my words spoke otherwise.

The big contradiction is most fundamentalist don't even regard Unitarians as 'true Christians' in the first place, so what was the problem? I actually feel I was banned because I posted .PDF's from the upcoming civil suits against Trinity Ministries and announced them on the FFF.

That aside, I think the argument can be made that without the FFF, Bob Gray would not have been arrested. Ever since I published the comic version of 'Christian School Confidential', I kept getting these e-mails from victims and I'd direct them to the FFF.

Well, the FFF, at the time, had people announcing things like, "Heard Brother Gray last week, etc. etc." or, "Brother Gray will be speaking at, etc. etc." I think victims started getting wise to Gray's itinerary and were able, with the help of the sheriff's department, to get him arrested.

Even in the depositions, there are references made to the fundamental forums.

So, yes, Teasdale is to blame. He is hypocritical in the way he bans people. However, without Teasdale, I feel Bob Gray, and others, would still be walking amongst us.

It does make you wonder whose side Teasdale is on.

Obviously, he's on 'Teasdale's' side! lol.

The Pharisee said...

All it does is confirm what a saint I am, because I was banned from FFF.


(sorry) (ok, not...)

Dwayne Walker said...

I can post in the unbeliever section, but hardly anybody goes there. So, I just consider myself 'banned'.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Teasdale makes millions (yes, I said MILLIONS) with his webhosting business. The FFF and the Baptist Board are just two of them.
Now, whether or not Bob Gray would or would not have been arrested because of the FFF is pure speculation. It may have fueled the fire and caused certain events to exelerate without being the direct cause. Teasdale gave ample time to 'Pappabear' who defended Gray and attacted the victims mercilessly. All for entertainment value.
The FFF is in the business of train wrecks. People with mental problems who live thier lives online can go there and let it all hang out. Many of the 'posters' do not even exist. They are just fictional people there for the sideshow.
All the while Teasdale rakes in the cash.

Dwayne Walker said...

I seriously doubt either Teasdale or Jeri Massi, even combined, are raking in millions, let alone thousands, or hundreds, for that matter, from any of their efforts.

Yeah, there's a few $ to be made with advertising, but I think that's beyond speculation and ventures into the realm of wishful thinking.

I can't get anyone to pick up her book on ebay! She's not making money off victims any more than Teasdale is sitting comfortably on piles of cash made SOLELY through the FFF.

Dwayne Walker said...

. . .or any of his other 'web hosting' businesses. Even YouTube is losing money! If YouTube is losing money, I don't think Teasdale's sites, combined, are gaining much.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest you do a simple, short inquiry into Clean Solutions. That is his company. And its just not the advertising that makes money.

Dwayne Walker said...

Simple? There's a janitorial supply company called Clean Solutions. Another Clean Solutions that makes cleaning products that are environmentally friendly.

I think I'm going to need something a bit more specific than that. Maybe a link or something? Besides, even if he's raking in the millions, I doubt very seriously it would be through just the FFF or the advertising you see on the FFF.

Full Court said...

Not only did they attack the "other woman" someone convinced Teesdale to "clense" his website of the facts....

Dwayne Walker said...

I noticed that! Now, if I can only get him to delete a few Dark Pentecost threads, I'd feel much happier!