Friday, June 6, 2008

Southern Baptist Convention produces document addressing child abuse.

You have to give them credit for making a start:

Southern Baptist Convention: Protecting Our Children.

This document addresses the problem of child abuse in general, and then works it's way into other manifestations like clergy abuse, etc.


"When it comes to addressing this sin, churches too often are reluctant to turn the offenders over to the law. They often have a misunderstanding of grace and justice, believing that it is unloving or unforgiving to hold an offender accountable before the law. For some reason, many conclude that somehow justice is wrong."

Kudos to the SBC for publishing this document. Obviously, a document will not protect children and I must apologize for insulting your intelligence by even making that statement. However, I'm getting the feeling the subject of child molestation and abuse has been overwhelmed by those thinking that anything the SBC , or any organization, does is not going far enough.

That's like starting a long trip with an annoying, "Are we there, yet?"

Some are upset they didn't take a jet plane to their destination. Others become upset that there are too many bathroom breaks. Some are upset because the driver won't let them behind the steering wheel. It would be nice if one person praised the driver for finally getting everyone in the car and starting the journey. Even if that person isn't going on the trip!

I'm not, due to philosophical differences, going on the trip with the SBC, but I do applaud them for finally stating their intentions in a very loud and colorful manner. At least, someone finally got out the map!

The reasoning is sound. Sources are verifiable. Suggestions appropriate. There are no scapegoats or easy answers. It does not hide from the fact that each and every one of us bears a responsibility.

Just want to make sure this report doesn't get ignored.

Save the PDF to your hard drive for easier reading.

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Meggs said...

I can attest to the fact that this subject is being addressed in the SBC churches - FINALLY! I attend an SBC church and I do a lot of work there. We (at least in OUR church) have been talked to about the subject of abuse and predators within the church, and we all take precautions to be sure that no child is EVER left alone with just one adult... There will ALWAYS be a need for more to be done to get this subject out in the open, but I was so proud of my little church when they took the intitiative to do as the SBC suggested and TALK ABOUT the fact that this is a serious issue. As a victim of childhood sexual abuse, I was disgusted when I learned of the problems within the SBC. But I was so hopeful when I found that they had FINALLY at least broken the silence about predators and the church. The issue was addressed at length in our associational meeting and it trickled down to the churches in our area. I am so thankful that there has been some dialogue about it. It's long, long, long overdue. I am loving your blog!!! THANK YOU for shining light on this whole situation. I am so glad I stumbled upon this place. =)