Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hank Coxe acquires prestige.

Hank Coxe is now a member of the Florida Coastal School of Law's Board of Advisors.

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You'll notice the 'Rev. Darrell Gilyard' is mentioned as one of his illustrious clients, as are some players from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Bob Gray's name is notably absent.

If you'd like to see a movie about a lawyer who used to practice in Jacksonville, be sure to check out The Devil's Advocate.

Keanu Reeve's character, Kevin Lomax, tells Al Pacino's character, John Milton, that he used to work for the Duval County prosecution.

How did he get so good? Outside of being the son of the devil, Lomax used to eavesdrop on jury deliberations through a hole in the jury deliberation chamber.

Ironically enough, it begins and ends with a teacher on trial for child molestation.

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