Sunday, March 7, 2010

webpage put up for survivors of Victory Home for Girls!

A website has been set up for the survivors of the Victory Home for Girls. That's the home that used to be in Ramona, California, but was closed down on Valentines Day, 1992. Unfortunately, the founder of the home, Michael Palmer, has been operating a string of girls homes at various places around the country. They've usually been closed down, followed by Palmer's denial that he ever had anything to do with the home. Then, he sets up shop somewhere else!

There is talk about a reunion of the survivors. If you went to Victory Home, or any Palmer home, and interested in attending, visit The Girls of Victory Christian Academy.

Articles about Victory Christian Academy:

Reform at Victory - A Survivor's Story.

Survivors statements about the Victory Home.

Excerpt from The Girls of Victory Christian Academy:

Who could know, who could understand, only those who shared that space. Memories of what seemed a lifetime long ago. We will always remember even when we want to forget.

Fun times, scary times, lonely times, angry times, lost times. We cherish those who helped us through. They tried to keep us apart but we remember.

Remembering friendships and the bond we share. We will be forever friends. We will always remember even when we want to forget.

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