Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mayoral Candidate of Lancaster makes dealing with Sex Predators part of his key agenda.

Arnold Rodio, the primary challenger of Lancaster Baptist Church favorite, Rex Parris, puts dealing with sex predators close to the top of his primary agenda.

#1, bringing higher paying jobs to Lancaster. #2, water conservation (they are in the desert). #3, sex predators.

Glad to see he's acknowledging this problem exists. For a while, I thought I was imagining things.


The number of sex offenders in Lancaster has
increased despite the current Mayor promising fewer.
I will implement a plan for pocket parks in
neighborhoods to help keep our kids safe from these predators.

I will partner with law enforcement, non-profit
organizations, schools, and private citizens to establish
proactive crime-prevention and youth intervention programs.

Other excerpts from his page. Tell me if this doesn't sound like business as usual at most fundamentalist colleges:

It is apparent that an ominous and threatening chill hangs over City Hall. Citizens who have concerns, want to exercise their right to address elected officials, disagree with or desire to make input into the government process, have been inconvenienced, marginalized, ignored or verbally abused.

Never before in the history of Lancaster has a citizen been issued a ticket and ordered to appear in court for making comments during a public session. After conducting private meetings to “investigate” allegations of improper conduct against an appointed commissioner, another council member and a community group, the mayor orchestrated public “trials” against them from the dais. When serious complaints are made against the mayor, citizens are called names and his council majority supports bringing a law-suit against those who speak out, to be paid for by the city!

It appears deals are struck, minds are made up and often motions are made before citizens are given an opportunity to speak. Brown Act and Fair Political Practices violations have occurred. Meetings take place at the Mayor’s business office and his private residence, leaving some council members purposely uninformed. Individuals who do not live in Lancaster are appointed to Lancaster commissions, including those who have a business or work relationship with the Mayor.

This is an indictment of the past two years and must be brought to a stop.

Concerning the recent comments by Parris about 'growing a Christian community' and Councilwoman Sherry Marquez comments:

My concern is that the irresponsible comments of Mayor Parris and Councilwoman Marquez have created the impression that we are a community of small-minded religious bigots, which is just not true. Our economic recovery will come through investment and the negative publicity brought by this controversy will only have the effect of driving investors away from our community. This is especially true of investors who have beliefs that are not in harmony with the Mayor and Councilwoman Marquez. Ask yourself this question: Would you invest money in a community that labels you a baby killer? Would you invest in a community whose leaders believe that unless you believe as they do you are not a Christian?

Mayor Parris has generated controversy and lawsuits since the moment he was elected. Almost his first act was a violation of the Brown Act. I do not think our city can survive politically or financially, another two years of Rex Parris, especially if he continues promoting his religious sectarian agenda which he has already said numerous times that he plans to do. Our city needs businesses and jobs, not bickering.

The election will be on April 13th. Will keep you posted.

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