Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Pope's Top 3, now waiting for the remaining 7 from Letterman.

The headline sounds like a lazy David Letterman moment.

Top Three Reasons Why The Vatican is Not Liable for Abuse.


They're basically the same reasons given why Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida isn't liable for Bob Gray's crimes against children.

1) Pope is head of state therefore has immunity from prosecution.

2) American bishops were not employees of Vatican at the time.

3) 1962 report that mandated that bishops not report sex abuse cases to police doesn't count since the priest could have reported the crimes if they wanted to.

Same thing, different names, with the Trinity case:

1) Pastors, especially those in Florida, have confidentiality laws working in their favor. That's sort of a 'social' immunity.

2) Messer and current company, barring, of course, Lenny Willinger, the associate pastor, were not in positions of authority when the crimes were committed (not an employee at the time).

3) The 'smoking gun', in this case, would be an audio tape of Gray admitting he french kissed a minor. In those days, it was only a misdemeanor, not a federal offense, for an adult in the 1970s to french kiss a minor. Besides, that tape was released after Bob Gray died.

Same circus different clowns. Although, if the USA declared a war on child abuse just like it declared a war on drugs, it might be theoretically possible to treat Pope Benedict like Manuel Noriega. Funny thing is, I don't see ANY President, Democrat or Republican, who would be willing to take the heat for holding the Pope and the Vatican accountable for their actions.

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