Sunday, January 3, 2010

Disney Worker faces 200 counts of child porn.

Remember, folks, this is coming on the heels after a child porn ring was discovered operating out of Six Flags:

Disney worker faces 200 counts of possessing child porn.

Disney Resorts has some work they need to do if they want critics to stop harping on them regarding things like this. The Orange County (FL) Sheriff's department offered Disney the chance for a program designed to teach 'cast members' the signs to look for when it comes to stopping child predators. Disney said 'no thanks' and, to this day, remains in eternal fantasy land where this issue is concerned. No idea if they've had second thoughts. Doubtful they would tell you anyway.

More Disney pedophiles:

Article: Disney pedophile is actually a youth pastor.

Article: Matthew Mancuso.

Excerpt: "Mancuso took pictures of the sex acts with the child. Some of the photographs were taken during two visits to Walt Disney World. . .Offering toys, gifts and trips to Disneyworld or Disneyland is a common tactic of pedophiles. It should be a red flag to any parent, when a male relative, friend or neighbor offers such a trip for your child.

Nancy Grace interview about Mancuso:

Nancy Grace/Mancuso transcript.


CNN CORRESPONDENT, MATTINGLY: Somebody in the public recognized that bedspread from a resort in Orlando, and that`s how...

GRACE: Disneyland!

MATTINGLY: ... police got involved.

GRACE: Why are you saying "a resort in Orlando"? It was Disneyworld, right?

MATTINGLY: It was a Disney resort. They have many of them down there.

Thank you, Nancy, for clarifying that! lol.

Article: Online Sex Sting Nets Theme Park Workers.

NOTE: Observe Disney taking the Southern Baptist Convention's tactic concerning 'background checks'. Activists know most child predators are not caught, consequently will pass most background checks.

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