Wednesday, January 13, 2010

China and their men problems.

Hey! Did you read about China having too many men but not enough women?

Here's an article about it:

One-child policy condemns 24m bachelors to life without a wife

Well, believe it or not, my latest video actually deals with this issue! I shot and edited these videos so Wendy Fang could have a DVD to show to immigration.

First, here's a brief intro to her case:

Here is a two part interview with Wendy Fang.

This video was made for immigration, but now immigration insists she must return to China and live with her daughter for two years.

For more info, read the You Tube description below these two videos.



From the You Tube description:

Wendy Fang is a professional athlete who immigrated from Shanghai to the United States. She became a successful businesswoman and has dual citizenship in both China and the USA. Wendy made annual trips to her hometown. It was during one of those trips when she discovered an abandoned baby in an alley.

The parents abandoned the infant because she was in violation of China's 'one child per family' rule, now in effect. Male babies are more highly valued than females, so often parents will kill the female in order to keep room for a male infant.

Wendy adopted the baby and named her 'Shanghai'. She literally saved the child's life.

She legally adopted Shanghai and wanted to raise her daughter in the United States. 

The United States Consulate denied her this request. They required she live with Shanghai for two years. In order to do that, she would have to return to China. She would never make the money she makes in the United States, and would not be able to adequately support her family.

Shanghai has been raised by friends and family. Today, only Wendy's father is left to raise Shanghai. He is over eighty years old. If he is unable to continue doing so, Shanghai will be sent to an orphanage. 

Mother and daughter will be separated. Possibly forever.

Wendy wrote her representative, Dianne Feinstein, asking her to support the Foreign Adopted Children's Act (H.R.3110), which would make it legal for immigrant parents to bring their adoptive children to live with them in the United States.

I am aware there is controversy regarding this bill, but it does not seem right to me that a mother and daughter should be separated for this long.

Criticize the bill all you want, but what is a mother to do? Abandon all and return to a substandard life? Or, as an American citizen, raise her daughter in the United States like any other single mom?

This video is a heartfelt message to the House, Senate, and President Obama.

Please pass the Foreign Adopted Children's Act (H.R. 3110).


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