Saturday, May 23, 2009

Liberty University shoots itself in the foot.

Remember when Jerry Falwell invited Ted Kennedy to speak at Liberty University? That was actually smart of him. He was able to build constituencies on both sides. This might be the reason why Obama, and other Democrats, became supportive of faith based education.

Hard to believe I'm calling Jerry Falwell 'the softie', but obviously the current administration does not see the need to keep its toes in both parties. Too bad for them, since the nature of politics is always in flux. It always helps to have allies on both sides of the aisle. Plus, it helps counter the stereotype that the Republican party speaks for all evangelical Christians.

There are Atheists who happen to be Republican, they're just ticked off by the religious right dominating their party. Their numbers might be growing.

There are also fundamentalist Christians upset by the corruption in the Republican party. They don't want the party to take them for granted. Some of them have become conservative Democrats. Their numbers might also be growing.

Jerry brought Liberty two steps forward, but now his sons are taking it two, maybe three, steps backwards.

Good work! I salute you.

Article: Jerry Falwell's school bans College Democrats.

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