Friday, May 22, 2009

Darrell Gilyard pleads guilty. Doubtful the drama is over!

Now, here's my question:

If you have followed this blog, you have noticed a tendency of pastors to plead guilty and then have the charges dropped against them.

Why? Who knows! Because they are pastors?

Check out this story about Chester Mulligan, for instance:

Former E.C. pastor sentenced for stalking, sex charges dropped.

Here's what happened in the case of 'Chester the Molester' (no apologies to Larry Flynt publications for borrowing the name of one of their former cartoons):

Court records allege Mulligan first tried to have intercourse with the girl in his house in East Chicago. He stopped when she said it hurt, prosecutors said. But throughout the next two years, according to court records, he had sex with her several times at his house, the church office and baptistry, prosecutors alleged.

Guess what? Charges dropped!

Now, will that happen in the Darrell Gilyard case? Nobody wants to bring up the subject of race, but if I were his defense lawyer, I'd certainly give it a shot. There are just too many cases of white pastors molesting children, pleading guilty, then getting a slap on the wrist. We now have Darrell Gilyard, an African American, who might get three years thrown at him in Jacksonville.

If you read some of the comments peppered throughout the Florida Times Union articles on racial matters, you'll see that city is tilted in favor of a so-called white majority. At least, people with racist tendencies seem to be the main ones posting comments under the more controversial articles.

If Gilyard gets the book thrown at him, I think he might have a good case to appeal because of this discrepancy in sentencing regarding white pastors who plead guilty verses African American pastors who plead guilty of the same offense.

Uh, how many are there, by the way?


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