Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Christian School Student, Superstar!

Tyler Frost, the former Christian School student who was expelled for taking his girlfriend to a prom, is now an internet sensation!

I know, I know!

It's the old argument:

"He knew the rules were in the book. He signed them. And then he broke them."

There's a teensy-weensy problem with this argument. Can anyone, who is honest, tell me what it is?

Okay, I'll give you a clue:

Hypocrisy and Fear..


Show me a Christian school principal who says he objectively follows the rules set down by his Christian school and I'll show you a liar. Yeah, 10 times out of 10, most Christian school pastors, and principals, bend the rules big time for children of deacons, those whose financial support to the church/school complex cannot be lost, and, of course, anyone who can claim that either a teacher, pastor, or worker, molested them.


Fear of being exposed as a hypocrite might lead a principal to expel a student whose parents are not financially well off. Expelling such a student will take the heat off the principal since, more likely than not, he has already been accused of selectively enforcing the rules.

This would be a good time to talk about my enrolling at Bob Jones University.

I called them and asked for a copy of their rule book. They were afraid to send it to me. The fellow on the phone told me I might not understand rules and refuse to give them any money. . .KIDDING!

He was afraid I might not enroll in the unversity.

Same thing!

Even Humanists have taken the side of BJU whenever I tell this story. The comments I get are, "Well, even without the rule book, you knew what kind of college it was, right?"

My answer, "If I wanted to believe in stereotypes and rumors, I would. But if they're an open, and honest, university, they shouldn't be afraid to say, 'this is where we stand, here are our rules, if you have any questions, call or don't enroll.' At the time, I believed the B.S.!"

They did not want to take a chance that some tuition money would not find its way to their coffers. Now, do you think that after driving hundreds of miles to Greenville, I'm going to look at the book and go, "Dang! No movie going? That's it, turn this car back!"

No, of course not.

Yes, I knew movie going was against the rules before I even went to the university. What I doubted was the idea that conversations between individuals would be tightly controlled and monitored. It reached the point where I couldn't have a normal conversation with anybody without thinking the KGB was lurking around every corner.

It was like they wanted to entrap, or con, future students into thinking the stereotypes weren't true, when in fact, they were.

Things allegedly have changed at Bob Jones, except for the silent treatments they give the media and people who ask questions about their lifestyle.

It's now my experience with most Christian schools, and institutions, that they are afraid to give honest answers regarding practically everything! I don't care if they're fundamentalists, pseudo-fundies, Southern Baptists, or even good ole' Calvary Chapel! Except for questions about their beliefs, of course, most will dodge practically every question about their standards and lifestyle practices.

People who dodge questions, more likely than not, dodge because they know they're making it up as they go along. Other people would call them 'liars'. That rug would never get pulled from under them if they weren't ashamed of their hidden secrets.

I can just picture Tyler reading the rules, wondering if he's going to sign them, then hearing about some pastor's son, or daughter, breaking the rules and staying in the school.

It's the same old story.

I'm glad to hear there's a lawsuit against this particular school. All he needs to do is show how selectively the rules are enforced, and, if there's anyone at that school who molested or abused anyone (and what are the odds of that?), he might have a winning chance.

Article: Suspended for dancing.

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