Sunday, August 29, 2010

a tree was planted in Ramona

The image above is a portion of between 15-20 women, each a resident of the former girls home, Victory Christian Academy (Ramona, CA). They are holding hands and having a moment of silence for those who are no longer with us. Some died horrible deaths via domestic violence. Another was killed on the premises of Victory Christian Academy.

I almost bailed on them. I'm so glad they talked me into going down there!

If you'd like to see those pictures from the Victory Christian Academy reunion held last in Ramona, CA, click here:

Fundamentalist Girls Home Reunions!

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The comments from survivors of other abusive homes have been quite moving.

That little tree planting could be the start of a movement as other girls/boys home survivors begin returning to the places of their incarceration. Why? To get the closure denied them by friends, family, or, for that matter, the local authorities.


"Thanks, Dwayne! MUCH has happened because of this!"

"I have tears, and they are good tears!"

Notice in the picture our tree is planted right next to the fence. The current pastor helped us dig a hole to plant it. He was told about what the women experienced. Perhaps things are changing for the better?

Visit this post to read about the place formerly known as Victory Christian Academy:

Testimonies of Victory.

This event was sponsored by the Survivors of Institutional Abuse. Otherwise known as the SIA Organization.


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