Thursday, June 10, 2010

Testimonies of 'Victory'

My part in the closing of Victory Christian Academy, a girls home that was once located in Ramona, CA, was relatively small.

I introduced a former student to a cable access producer in Huntington Beach, CA. He interviewed her while I did the camera work. Once the video was 'in the can', the producer was far sighted enough to send the video to the California Department of Children's Services.

The home was raided not long after and, within a few months, was closed by the state.

'Brother P', the man who operated the home, simply moved on to Jay, Florida. A former student at that home accused him of rape. He is apparently opening another home, or tried to open another, in Iowa. There was setback after a 16 year old sex offender was found living on premises.

A man who shares the name of the former Victory Christian Academy founder had been the president of The Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies according to this article Research on Tough Love, Christian "Reform Schools", The connection between Palmer and Roloff.

Did 'Brother P' serve as vice president for an organization to accredit his own institution? Who knows?

If you visit the FACCCA site, you will notice, by clicking 'members', that not only is Jay, Florida school still operating, but Camp Tracey, the boy's home that was scandalized by reports of violence and sexual inappropriateness, is also a member of FACCCA.

Victims of girls and boys homes are discovering each other through the internet. It took awhile, but they are coming together and finding their strength.

One of the positive results of waking this sleeping giant is the passage of HR911.

This legislation, already passed the House now headed for the Senate, if passed, will insure a federal mandate that all homes be licensed. That girls and boys home staff must be trained in how to deal with sexual and physical abuse. All abuse must be reported to the proper authorities.

A few victims of the Victory Home offered their testimonies which helped HR911 pass the House. Now, we await the Senate.

Michele Ulriksen, the author of Reform At Victory, has a page on her website detailing testimonies from the former residents of the girls home. After reading their testimonies on Michele's site, I am proud of the role I played in helping to get this home shut down.

Best wishes on the upcoming reunion of the Girl's of Victory Christian Academy.


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NOTE: The second article (Religious Reform School, State Clash) mentions the Orange County television interview that I helped arrange. Although uncredited, it does make feel good every time I read it.

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NOTE: The above PDF concerning HR911 mentions Victory Christian Academy in Ramona, CA.

Official reunion site:

Girls of Victory Christian Academy.

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