Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Things are getting exciting in Lancaster, CA!

I don't know whose gonna win, but every day closer to April 13th seems to bring new excitement.

Today, we have a YouTube and a link to a PR firm.

First, the You Tube:

The church in question is the independent fundamentalist Baptist establishment, Lancaster Baptist Church. The college of my former church, Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, is responsible for bestowing an honorary degree on LBC pastor, Paul Chappell. It's interesting that the number of sexual predators in Lancasters is up while the amount of sexual predators in nearby Palmdale decreased.

Click the video to be taken to its YouTube page. That way, you can see the entire image.

Second, this link to a P.R. firm that handled the campaign of Rex Parris. I find it interesting that part of their strategy included 'an army of college student volunteers knocking on doors'. Gee, think they came from Antelope Valley City College? Or. . .from the LBC sponsored West Coast Baptist College? My money's on WCBC!

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