Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goliath wins.

I love how Rex keeps using the phrase 'child molesters not welcome'.

What he really means is child molesters not welcome unless they have short hair, wear ties, carry bibles, and operate church bus routes!


There were reports of poll workers wearing 'vote Rex' t-shirts while working on the job. Others reported people coming up to them reminding 'em to 'vote right', before flashing Rex's image in the form of a t-shirt, etc. Lancaster Baptist College students (West Coast Baptist College) were seen popping in every hour to check the voter index. Will there be investigations?

We'll keep you posted.

Various lamentations from the facebook page:

Melody Clark Unfortunately, there seem to be that many stupid/blind/sociopathic people in Lancaster. Since agnostics, atheists, pagans, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists (and anyone else I'm leaving out) are no longer citizens in Lancaster, I suggest we all move and show him what happens to his tax base. We're not going to retire here as we'd planned. Not with this bully in office.
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Andrew Nieto Get this: the polls closed at 8:00. We at QHHS finished up and left at 9:30. I showed up at Rodio's election night party at 10:30 to find it already done and over with. I went directly from there to Rex's party at the new, not-yet-opened restaurant on Lancaster Boulevard to find it was INVITATION ONLY! Then I went directly over to city hall to find it was already closed and locked up.
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Jon White fixed!
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Get Parris Out of Lancaster. Lancaster wakes up tomorrow, to be spied on, to have it's dogs killed, it's children and poor to be treated like criminals, it's people to be ruled by SOMEONE else's church, it's taxes given to multi millionaires, it's law enforcement to be used as a personl army, and it's private businesses shut down for a photo op!
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Mike Burdett screw this, here i come palmdale!
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Get Parris Out of Lancaster. We guess it's a matter of getting the kind of government the people deserve!
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Kristin Sanders does this mean we lost?
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Debbie Holland Makes me very glad I live in Pearblossom instead.
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Matthew Keltner this makes me want to throw up!
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Mike Burdett is there gonna be a recount and an investigation on this?
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Jon White I feel betterthat I live in Palmdale, though it's still to close to Landisatser. If more (Lancaster) residents voted they could make a major change...over 100,000 residents and only a small hand full get their ass out and vote. I guess they enjoy living in bullshit, lies and dictatorship type leadership. Truthfully our plan is to leave the AV all ...
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Kathryn Sanders Yes, Kristin the citizens of Lancaster who know better lost.

I am glad that I live in Palmdale, but Rex has influence here too. Whatever he does in Lancaster affects everyone living in this valley.
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