Thursday, July 16, 2009

Victim's Resolve Brings Down a Star of Science.

""I just did it, just something in me was just evil."
William French Anderson, father of gene therapy.

This story is 3 years old, but it packs an emotional wallop if this is your first time reading it.

All the elements are there:

A famous and accomplished man, William French Anderson, world-renowned scientist, the father of gene therapy and a martial arts expert with law enforcement connections from the FBI to the chief of his hometown police department in San Marino.

A young girl whose parents trusted him.

Sexual abuse.

She fought back.

So did he.

There were other victims

She won.

He's apparently still in prison even though charges against him, brought by a male survivor in Maryland, were tossed out.

Worth a read.

Inspiring to read about a survivor fighting back. . .and winning.

Victim's Resolve Brings Down a Star of Science.

wiki on William French Anderson.

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