Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a quick note about the Michael Jackson.

"The statement by Rep. Peter King represents a small element of people who have NO respect for the courts of law. Mr. King raises allegations that were found to be baseless in the courts and it is interesting to me that people that often tell me to listen to the courts when I disagree, now recklessly and viciously disregard the courts when they disagree."

Al Sharpton. reverend responds to Rep. Peter King calling MJ a 'child molester' and 'pervert.'

Anyone catch Peter King's comments about Michael Jackson?

You probably did, but if you need to refresh yourself, check out this home movie where he made the comments:

It's interesting. Peter King boldly comments on Michael Jackson while staying silent about his Republican peers who have been criticized for the same thing, and worse: most have been convicted or pled guilty.

Check out: Stop Republican Pedophilia.

Peter King did acknowledge the grandson of the legendary wrestler, Haystack Calhoun, offered to be his bodyguard:

from: Peter King Defends His Attack On Michael Jackson and Media..

"King tells the Sleuth that just as his stance has won him detractors, he also has plenty of supporters. "A professional wrestler from Long Island who weighs 500 pounds has offered to be my bodyguard," King told the Sleuth, chuckling.

The wrestler is known as Boss Hog Calhoun, the grandson of legendary wrestler Haystack Calhoun."

How many preachers in fundamentalist churches used this moment to condemn a man found not guilty on all counts? All counts! Plus, the parents of the alleged victims, and the various workers at the estate, willingly accepted settlement money. Obviously, their concern about 'exposing' a 'child predator', took a backseat to higher concern$.

After watching the Michael Jackson funeral, I realize the real question is not "What if he did it?", regarding the accusations of pedophilia, but rather, "What if he didn't do it?". Because if he didn't do it, we all just gave in to the hysteria of the moment.

Did the news ever reach the East Coast that there was not ONE ARREST outside the Staples Center? Now THAT was a miracle!

Here's Al Sharpton's message at the MJ funeral:

You might have noticed I removed the Dave Chappelle video from the blog. Yeah, felt a little bit guilty.

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