Saturday, June 27, 2009

Don't Talk To Cops - Part One and Two.

Wow! I never agree with anyone from Pat Robertson's law school, Regent University. However, I will make an exception for James Duane. I haven't listened to this whole thing in its entirety, but he sure does make sense!

This is especially true with the original subject matter of this blog, the clergy abuse of children. While it's true many predators use the system to squeeze by on 'technicalities', it's also true that people have been falsely accused by the police for child molestation. There was an epidemic of this in Southern California, the most notable case being the subject of the movie 'Witch Hunt'.

Child molestation: a national epidemic or a national hysteria?

To those who have experienced it, it is not a national hysteria. It is real. And what makes it worse is when allegedly good people try to brush off matters by telling victims to 'get over it'. Victims, in order to put it aside, MUST talk about it and MUST get validation.

What clouds the matter is when people and organizations use child molestation like European football, otherwise known as 'soccer' to those in fundamentalist high schools.

Child abuse just becomes another issue to be 'kicked around' in order to score points for your team, but under no circumstances will anyone actually 'touch the ball'.

That is what I think about the efforts of some people and groups when it comes to addressing this topic. I'm starting to become very sensitive to people treating the issue like an 'us against them' ball game instead of a social problem we must all be diligent about confronting.

If you care about this, it's important to not jump on a bandwagon of hysteria. You have to respect that some people have been falsely accused and that authority figures are not often your friends.

Check out the movie 'Witch Hunt' now showing on MSNBC:

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