Tuesday, September 9, 2008

John McCain AGAINST warning children about pedophiles???

This spot is airing in certain Southern states. What's interesting is the 'age appropriate' education Obama endorsed concerned telling children about INAPPROPRIATE TOUCHING by ADULTS in order to PROTECT CHILDREN from PEDOPHILES!

So. . .is McCain against this? Obviously so.

I have written about this before. Most sex education courses directed at youngsters are meant to tell them about inappropriate touching by adults. Trinity Baptist Church, my former church in Jacksonville, Florida, under the direction of Bob Gray, always took a stand against sex education. Wonder why?

Bob Gray, of course, died before facing his trial on charges of serial child molestation on the campus of Trinity Christian Academy, the school he founded. Click here for more information about that.

I wonder how many young children at Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida, circa 70's era, might have spoken up if a brave teacher in their class warned them about inappropriate touching by adults?

Can you imagine one of those children raising their hand and asking, "What is 'inappropriate touching'? Is that what Brother Gray was doing to me in his office yesterday?"

Sex obsessed Republicans!

No wonder they're against sex education! It calls their bluff.

It bears repeating, look at how many of them have been fingered for inappropriate relationships with minors:


Here is the McCain spot responsible for this post:

Click here for the real story about a program aimed to warn children about pedophiles.

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