Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Irony in Jacksonville.


Gays, not child molesting preachers or bad economy, spurs churches into action!

Jeff Brumley's article misses the irony that a church, about to go on trial for covering up the crimes of a serial child molester, is spurred into political action to fight the gays.

That was the issue when I first attended Trinity back in the seventies. Anita Bryant was the woman of the hour and Bob Gray championed her anti-gay politics. Gray has since been accused of molesting children in his office during this era.

The beautiful thing about anti-gay politics is it covers up a whole range of vital topics: from the collusion regarding pedophiles in the pulpit to economic and military issues.

Why are we losing the Iraq war? Well, maybe one reason has to do with FIRING translators who happened to be gay. Nobody could understand anybody and now we pay the price.

Economics? Why are the gay areas in major metropolitan areas MORE SUCCESSFUL than average 'heterosexual ghettos'? 'Heterosexual ghettos' is my new name for once great neighborhoods, filled with poor people and their families, that used to be 'homeowner communities' but have since transformed to 'rental communities'.

Reason: A childless couple, both working, make and save more money than a heterosexual family with three or four kids. Do the math! Who is the more burden on society? Childless gay couple? Or unemployed heterosexual families with mouths to feed?

Get this (from the article):

Failure will result in the continuing moral decline of American society and government, said the Rev. Tom Messer, Trinity's pastor, and opens congregations to lawsuits if they refuse to marry same-sex couples. Messer said he's holding similar gatherings around the state.

Messer's TRAVELING AROUND THE STATE on this issue? Let a pastor molest a bunch a kids, and Messer is silent. Let a small percentage of gays become successful? Pull out all the stakes and hold rallies!

Lawsuits if you refuse to marry gays? How about lawsuits if you refuse to do anything about a child molesting preacher?

Is the Florida Times Union a conservative rag? How is it they continue to miss these ironies?

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