Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Child molestor told to remove Florida Gator decal from vehicle.

No probation exit for child molestor.

Stephen Edmonds, the former deacon from First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida, and once a president of the Northeast Florida Builder's Association, accused of child molestation, is about to be a free man. His probation will end in March, but he was hoping to end it early. His request was denied by Judge John Merrett.

Merrett, you might recall, is the judge who packed a pistol and pointed it at a man on trial for child molestation, yet, strangely enough, gave Bob Gray, then on trial for molestation, the greatest latitude by postponing his trial for a year.

This time, I kid you not, Judge Merrett ordered Stephen Edmonds to remove a Florida Gator's decal from his vehicle because one victim found it 'disturbing'.

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