Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Pastor Molested Me, Now What?

Our Pastor Molested Me, Now What? is not a biography but I am presenting the fruits of my efforts from 1992 to 2011 upon learning that my former fundamentalist pastor, Bob Gray (Trinity Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL) had been accused of multiple charges of child molestation.

The problem of child abuse and collusion (its partner in crime) is worse than we expected. The cover up first begins in families, then eventually extends into the corporate world. We see the results of child abuse in everything from looking the other way when police abuse their authority, to people shrugging off various degrees of corruption in their businesses, communities, and government.

If you can cover up child abuse in your family and church, it is a piece of cake to cover up other scandals within your government. We learn to cover up from our families and so-called moral leaders. When will we grasp that the final fruit of child abuse is nothing less than the disintegration of a nation?

The major reason churches, and corporations, turn their heads when one of their own is caught abusing a child, is because they are afraid the scandal will prompt investigations leading to the loss of their personal liberties. When will government, business and church leaders realize the more they cover up the crimes of their cronies the more they put freedom at risk?

Don’t they realize that when people grasp how unreliable private industry and churches have been when covering up the dirty deeds of their child molesting friends, a knee jerk reaction amongst the citizenry, which will result in more controls, is to be expected? And rightly so!

It is a shame that I even have to mention the loss of freedom in the same context as fighting child abuse. Isn’t fighting child abuse a reason in itself? Do I really need to parade the threat of freedom’s loss in order to get churches, and businesses, motivated to police themselves?

If we do not police ourselves, people will eventually demand a tighter regulation on churches, girl’s homes and other organizations that supposedly exist to serve the interest of the American family.

This book is a tool designed to open people’s eyes to the threat child abusers, and their corporate enablers pose to the freedom of us all.

We cannot afford to wait for religious organizations to purify their ranks nor can we wait for our government to 'catch on'. It is our responsibility to arm ourselves with knowledge that will empower us to stand up to our abusers and hold them accountable.

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