Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bloodbath the Movie

Bloodbath the Movie is a documentary about Elizabeth McGrath. She was forced to attend Victory Christian Academy in Ramona, CA. That's the abusive school which was run by Michael Palmer who, after the school was closed in 1992, was ordered never to work with children in the state of California.

I played a role in the school getting shut down by introducing a former student to a cable access producer. He interviewed her while I ran camera and helped edit the final product. The producer, a man named Jon Boag, took the video to the Department of Children's Services. Within the scope of a year, an investigation commenced and the school was closed down.

Survivors of Victory contacted me wishing to hold a reunion. Elizabeth was at the reunion and portions of the documentary were actually shot on VCA property. I was also interviewed.

Guess what? Debbie Harry is scheduled to introduce Bloodbath when it premieres at NYC's Museum of Modern Art on February 12, 2011.

For info on the movie: Bloodbath.

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