Thursday, November 12, 2009

Would it really have made a difference?

Just a few months after Bob Gray was arrested on molestation charges, a number of people on the Fighting Fundamentalist Forum made the point that, if he were truly innocent, he would storm the pulpit and deny it ever happened.

Gray did not do that.

His lawyers entered a 'not guilty' plea on his behalf.

As far as Gray's own words?

One victim reported him being apologetic to her.

Gray did sigh a lot on the interrogation tape, admit french kissing a minor, and then said, "There's never any excuse to do wrong."

That's about it!

He never actually took to the pulpit and denounced 'false charges'. That was used against him in the court of public opinion. And yet, I'm wondering if that would even have helped him?

Wayanne Kruger (aka, Rae Elizabeth Klein, author of Inborn Justice) is a staunch child advocate who stood behind her daughter, Desiray Bartak in a landmark decision where an abuse victim, waving anonymity, sued her molester and won a million dollar settlement. Desiray would eventually address a crowd on the Capitol steps as she received the 'Making a Difference' award from the National Organization of Women.

Rae and I are working on a documentary called 'Leaving the Lion Behind', about her efforts to stand behind her daughter, and bring more accountability into the system.

Rae's story appeared in the same People magazine that mentioned Michael Jackson's arrest for charges of child molestation. They met, pictures were taken, and we're hoping to negotiate something with the Michael Jackson estate over the use of those pictures.

Rae believes Jackson was not guilty of molestation.

She writes:

"We were in the same People magazine and when I saw this, I do not think there was a dry eye in our house! Especially since we just came back from Jane Whitney with Latoya Jackson.

As a PhD and when we spoke I will say without certainty; Michael was NOT molested. He was abused in every way imaginable, as he has stated. There were times he had to use shoe polish (he told me) to cover up the whips, bruises, open wounds if he was in public. The websites and you tube that is going up about the hideous allegations disgust me. Those who knew him and his family, children and fans. IMO.

Men who are that abused become more withdrawn into a delusionary world and create in their mind, with such talent as Micheal had, what he could play out in life. Everything was grandiose. Michael could pull that off. He was, the King! They do not become perpetrators as what was stated in my opinion and 25 years of experience. Michael did not have the hand to spank his own children, let alone hurt another child."

You can read more of Rae's opinions on her myspace page:

Here is a video of Michael Jackson's statement after the police interrogated him.

What I'd like for you to do is: substitute your favorite preacher, who has been arrested for similar crimes, speaking with the same tone as Michael Jackson, and ask yourself, "Would it have made a difference if (fill in the blank) made just an impassioned a plea?"

That was one of the big accusations thrown against Gray!

He was accused of being guilty BECAUSE he did not stand up and shout, "I am innocent." Yet, we have MJ doing that, in very graphic terms, and it still doesn't seem to fly in today's world. Child molestation is one of those crimes that, once it's been attached to your name, is practically impossible to rid yourself of.

Rae is one of the few advocates I've met who realizes that false accusations happen. Sometimes to cover up actual molestations by diverting attention to a scapegoat. Our dedication to attacking a scapegoat often pulls rank over standing up for victims of sex crimes. it just taints the reality of true child abuse cases happening throughout our nation and the world.


288a said...

Kuddo's for taking the time to post.

There is right, right. Yes and no. Up and Down. Why not guilt and Innocient?

MJ was aquited on the second accusation and I feel the DA would have brought him up on any charges.

I will also say he had no come out once, but 3 times. Twice in two video's and the best to date is -Scream with sister Janet. God Bless Her Heart!

Wayane Kruger

Anonymous said...

This is Desiray Bartak and Wayanne nor I NEVER met Michael Jackson and in fact we both thought he was SO GUILTY!!! Tis is such BS to make her famous, and my god stop using my story as your fame, sicko

Dwayne Walker said...

Re-read the post. I'm not taking sides on whether MJ is guilty or not. To be honest, I don't even know if the above poster is Desiray Bartak since there seems to be a dedicated individual who keeps trying to contact me to give me the 'goods' on Wayanne.

I have never met Wayanne, and any comments Wayanne makes are her own. Not mine. I'm just willing to document what she has to say. If she believes MJ is not guilty, that's her right to express her opinion.

Even if this poster is Desiray, Wayanne did play her role properly! She was a supportive mother who did not encourage her daughter to hide. She encouraged Desiray to speak out, and THAT will be the emphases of my documentary.

Parents need to learn to speak up for the children, and, whatever the present day reality has been, nobody can take that away from Wayanne. She supported her daughter at a time when her daughter needed support. More parents need to do the same.

MJ? Not relevant to me or my purpose. Wayanne wants to discuss it, and my point in this post was directed at those who keep harping, "If 'so and so' is innocent, why doesn't he scream to the high heavens that he's innocent?"

Well, here we have MJ making the most eloquent plea for his innocence, like many wished that Bob Gray would have done, and it ultimately doesn't make a difference. That's the point of this post. No matter how much you scream 'I'm innocent', once you're hit with the child abuse accusation, you'll probably be stuck with it whether you're guilty or not.

That's why we have to respect the weight of these accusations and try not to become hysterical.

That's my one criticism of the 'hold 'em accountable' movement. I don't believe the current crop of people defending those who have been abused are necessarily holding themselves up to a high standard of accountability. Once that accusation flies, it sticks. Regardless of how many people recant their testimonies.

Look at the famous McMartin Pre School case that happened when I first moved to L.A.. No matter that Ray Buckey was found not guilty. No matter that it was proven those getting testimonies from the kids were practically leading them on.

Even with all that, I have still spoken with people in Manhattan Beach who believe Ray is guilty.

In the case I'm blogging about, Bob Gray, I tend to side with those who believe he's guilty because of:

a) Tom Messer's letter.
b) Admissions made during the interrogation tape released after his death.
c) My own conversations with victims and those who believe Gray was framed. Those who believe Gray was framed seem to sidestep 'a' and 'b' and don't offer logical critical assessments.

All that said, I find hysteria seems to reign in the movements to hold child molesters accountable. Maybe that's just the nature of the beast? Who wouldn't become hysterical upon learning an authority figure has abused their child?

Still, in any future works I'm producing on this subject, I plan on doing my best to reduce the level of hysteria to a cool, calm reason. If that's even possible where this subject is concerned.

The documentary is about a mother standing for her daughter. It's predominately about Wayanne. No one can take that part of the story from her.

Anonymous said...

Is this stalker not worried that all the work "Desiray" did previously will be stripped of all awards?

Wayanne has a stalker. Everyone is aware of that.

I do not feel "Desiray" would be chummy with a blogger's who writes horrid statement about the murdered child on myspace saying advocates want fame. "Desiray" are you against advocates?

That would not be advocating or someone anyone would want to look up to as a child who begged to take the stand with Gloria Allred to be believed.

That is were this stalker has put Wayanne. Being believed. It would make sense Richard Streate would do this to both mother and daughter. It seems like the mind of a perp to me.

Was "Desiray" really molested? If it were "Desiray" posting I am having my own doubts now.

"Desiray" should be stripped of all awards for not standing behind those who are still fighting to end sexual abuse.

This person must want Wayanne to stop helping victims of sexual abuse for a reason.

Polly was sexually abused before being murdered. Marcs is now helping families of murdered children who were sexually abused. Should Mac quit because he is now on Nancy Grace looking for "fame?"

The comment makes me "sick" that peps wish to stop 30 years of secrets that the "Desiray" and her mother movement started.

There are those who lie and those who tell the truth.

That is not fame. That is advocating. Did "Desiray" want fame or was she advocating?

I am confused now.

In the 20/20 show online "Desiray" said she wanted to "kill herself." Should Wayanne, her mother, just ignored everything Desiray said to her and let her kill herself or save her child by standing beside her?

Why did "Desiray" want money if she was just going to give up on advocates who continue to help sexual abuse victims?

I highly doubt "Desiray" would actually write her name or post so victims must hide in the closet again.

Dwayne Walker said...

Thanks Wayane!

For the rest of the readers:

I doubt very seriously the post from 'Desiray Bartak' is actually Desiray. I spoke with her once, and certain things within that post don't seem to jive with the phone call I had.

Unlike clergy abuse, if the abuse is from within your family, it's possible that one person could go out of his, or her, way to make life hell for you. When it comes to organizations, it's different.

Organizations, under fire for protecting molesters, know the world's eyes are on them. So, you really won't see them going out in public to attack the credibility of victims. They save that for court!

But when it's one individual with more personal motives, that's another story.

wayanne kruger said...

Since Connie and this fake troy, who does no research at all posted a 'victims' link. Let's make this clear! Dwayne and I met in 2003! And has been a part of my private and public life.

Anything posted by this person who has never seen my work, obviously will post lie's, such as the one about dwayne to halt my work. He will not allow any posts other than the fake comments on his site now!