Saturday, September 12, 2009

The FFF goes mainstream!

Well, for all those people who put down the internet and message boards, it looks like a former poster from the FFF (albeit, he didn't stay long) has made the national headlines.

Steve Anderson, that preacher whose been making the national news with prayers that Obama die in office, first achieved 'national prominence' through YouTube and the Fighting Fundamentalist Forum! That message board where both the victims of Bob Gray, including Gray's supporters, met to hash out the issues.

Steve apparently went to Hyles Anderson College, then resigned.

There are other pastors out there, hitting the national spotlight, with imprecatory prayers directed toward Obama.

Wiley Drake, of the First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, CA, also prayed for his death. That's sad considering Wiley Drake had the support of the majority in Southern California after the police tried to shut him down for feeding the poor on church property. The O.C. Weekly, not the most conservative paper around, once had him listed in the 'people we like' column because of this.

Well, he's not in that column anymore!

From the Washington Post:

Colbert I. King: A dangerous kind of hate.

From the FFF:

it is sad then when people look up fundamental baptist on you tube or on the net, his name is coming up more in more.
it is sad that some people think that he represents fundamental baptists.

Here's a video of Anderson after he harassed the border patrol. He videotaped himself getting tazered:

Here's the website of his church:

Faithful Word Baptist.

Here's his blog:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the face of the fundamental Baptist! lol.


Anonymous said...

Crazy dude runs a rinky-dink church out of an office building, makes trouble at the border, then later threatens US President...fundies have gotten a lot weirder since the 1980s!

- mr. mike

Dwayne Walker said...

I know. It's probably more fun to be a fundamentalist these days than it was in the 70's or 80's. All praise must go to the internet!

Anonymous said...

"It's probably more fun to be a fundamentalist these days than it was in the 70's or 80's."

I think it mattered where you were; I went to a IFB grade school in Southern California and they seemed to get the weirdest chapel guests like the bitter old Swede who smuggled Bibles into the USSR, or the occasional singing missionary family who would stay on school property in their converted Grayhound bus. The ultimate guest had to be Ken Ham, that looney Austrailian "palentologist" from the Creation Research Institute, who asserted that T. Rexes were herbavores "because their teeth weren't strong enough." He seemed incredibly P.O.ed because we weren't asking enough questions. Good times.

- mr. mike