Sunday, February 8, 2009

A dubious anniversary remembered.

It was a year ago today when I appeared at Ragland's restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida, to host a public awareness meeting concerning the clergy abuse of children. That event was the lead story on WTLV-12's 11:00 news on 2/10.

The only thing I regret is holding that creme soda in front of the television camera.

I'm not going to reflect on that moment, but I will take advantage of this dubious anniversary to bring back "DON'T GO IN THE CHURCH!". You can see the internet banners for both 'DON'T GO IN THE CHURCH' and my other movie, BIBLE MADNESS on the news report.

"DON'T GO IN THE CHURCH!" was removed from YouTube a few months ago. It's returning so I might announce my intentions to remake "DON'T GO IN THE CHURCH!" into a short subject to be screened on college campuses.

It will not be called 'Don't Go In The Church!', as people keep misunderstanding the title of this YouTube.

The title was meant to be a parody of the 'DON'T' movies from 70's drive-in flicks. I got the idea while watching GRINDHOUSE.

The new title will be 'Most Say Nothing'.

You can read updates about that movie by visiting:

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