Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Probably wishful thinking on the part of the poster.

Notice the similarities with this article:

A charge of lewd and lascivious behavior has been dropped against an 18-year-old resident of a Baker County home for troubled youths who had been arrested in an investigation of consensual sexual activity with another teenage resident. . .

McCormick said one boy came to a camp administrator and said he had made up the story about the abuse. Eventually, two boys said they simply wanted to get someone in trouble and a third said he made up the story, McCormick said. He said the admissions were taped with a volunteer teacher who is not part of the school administration.

Bessinger said prosecutors have not heard those statements.

With this post:

I have been told that the charges against John Wilson and Benjamin Lewis and the investigation closed against each of them, as the boys who brought the accusations confessed to investigators that they knew accusations of sexual misconduct and physical abuse was the "best" way to get back at these men in their rebellion against the rules.

Yes, charges were dropped with the 18 year old boy, but the prosecutors haven't confirmed anything about the other two. The boys apparently confessed to an 'independent investigator' (i.e. the volunteer teacher) that they made it up. However, it doesn't mean anything unless they confessed it to a prosecutor. As that would be a felony, to lie to a prosecutor, they might be a bit more circumspect saying such a thing to an official of the state.

Once again, more proof as to why independent investigations, when it comes to this particular crime, are not to be trusted.

Thanks to Walkin' With Jesus at the FFF for pointing this out. I forgot about that article!

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